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Rev. Fr. Kellev lias removed to No. 9 Elizabeth street. The corner stone oí the uew A. M. E. church was laid last Wednesday. New flag walks are being laid in rront of W. G. Dieterle's and E. F. Mills & Co. 's. Eisele's grocery, o.) Detroit street, is having píate glass Windows and new doors put in. A meeting of directors of the Washtenaw Mutual fire iusurance company will be held on the 31st inst. The Ann Arbor Light Infantry will compete for the $250 lirst prize in the drill at Jackson September 9 and 10. Prof. J. M. 5. Sill will officiate in St. Andrew's church next Sunday. No eight o'clock service will be held. The Light Infantry have been invited to take part in the prize drill to be held in Jackson, September 9 and 10. President Angelí has another grandson. Prof. and Mrs. McLaughlin rejoice over the advent of a sou Saturday. S. Eosenthaler is removing his billiard hall to the building he has just purchased of J. f. Judson on State street. Aid. Herz painted a large number of streamers and mottoes for use at the Germán Day celebration at Manchester. John Stricklei", yardrnaster of the Michigan Central, sprained his ankle, Saturday, while in the performance of duty. The store of Wagner & Co. is being remodelled, the ceiling raised two feet and a splendid new plate-glass front put in. There will be a mission festival at the Bethlehem Evangelical church, Sunday, and good speakers will be present. John Millcr, ji, has begun suit against the Central for $10,000 damages for the loss of a leg here three years ago. The mission festival of Zion's Lutheran church, Sunday, was an interesting and successful one, and was well attended. By reference to our advertí sing columns it will be seen that the J. T. Jacobs company offer enticing bargains in all manner of clothing house goods. G. II. Wild was married Wednesday evening to Miss Martha Wurster, of Dexter, by Rev. E. Spoehr, of Detroit. They have the Argus' best wishes. Enoch Dieterle, of this city, and Miss Lydia Fiegel were married yesterday afternoon at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Fiegel, in Pittsfield. Mrs. Patrick Boner died Tuesday after a long illness. She was born in Ireland fifty-nine years ago, and came to this city in 1853. Her husband and six children survive her. Intelligence has reached here of the death, at San José, Cal., of George Halsey, a son-in-law of Judge Hamman. He died on the 6th inst., and leaves a wife, son and daughter. City Clerk Miller, in addition to his work as clerk, which is no sinecure, takes orders for pumps at his office and does the general office work of George Miller & Son, pump manufacturera. The New York Mail and Express thinks that ex-President Andrew D. White, of Cornell, formerly professor ot' history in Michigan University will be the next republican nominee for governor of New York. Christian H. Overbeck and Miss Maria Burkhardt, of this city, were married Tuesday evening by llev. John Neumann, at the residence of the bride's parents. They received many presents and loads of good wishes. At the Germán Celebration in Manchester, on YVednesday, the county fair association were represented by afourhorse wagon fllled with young ladies, one from each tovynship, each wearing a badge upon which was the name of her town. They proved a great attraction, and it was a good way to adver-tise the fair. Col. John L. liurleigh, formerly of Arm Arbor, well known here, came near playing a part in a pistol duet in New York. He made some joking remarks about the size of Col. von Ulrich, of Germany, and the latter became furious and wanted to fight. Friends interfered and both colonels are whole.- Jáckson Patriot. The animal picnic for the sewing school will be held in the grove opposite the old fair ground Friday afternoon August 28. Friends wishing to dónate eatables of any kind, or money can leave thein at Miss Brown's, No. 13 South State street or at Mr. Holmes, on Forest avenue, Thursday afternoon or Friday morning. We must provide for one hundred children and hope our friends will not forget us. M. S. Brcwn, Supt. N. J. Kyer is making many improvements at his residence near the City milis on North Main street. His house has receiyed a coat of paint and looks beautiful. Oscar Sorg did the painting and Mr. Kyer is more than pleascd with the job. He is also extending his lawns, and as the street in front has just been graded up and improved, his property will be the handsomest in that part of the city. The new addition to his house makes it a very commodious home. At the Ge'-man Day celebration at Mancho. ■ ■ ■''■.';■(' --ihtown. ' wa15 representad bj ng lady or her pre-emine beauty, ana "labeled,"' if we may use the expression, with a nicely-painted scarf bearing the name of the town in gilt letters on bluish cloth. The scarf s were painted by Albert Sorg, of this city. The young ladies were drawn by handsomely canarisoned horses attached to a suitable vehicle, and were the cyno-sure of all eyes. Five colums of matter erowded out of to-days' Argus. The aunual state encampment of the Patriarchs Militant, I. O. O. F., of Ohio, will be held at Toledo, August 18 to 24. Sunday, the 23d. will be the big day, as the grand dresa parade will then take place. A special boat will be run to Presque Isle park, in connection with the T. & A. A. railroad. The road will give an excursión from Owosso to Toledo on Suuday, the train leaving Ann Arbor at 9:17 a. m. The fare from here will be one dollar, and will include the boat ride to the ïsland and admission to the opera house. A cooking school will be opened in Hobart Hall in this city next fall and Mrs. Ewing, of Philadelphia, will begin a course of lectures November 2. She gave a course of lectures in Cleveland in June, which proved so successf ui that she has been engaged to return for two more courses of lectures in October. Good eooking is one of the desiderátums of the age and it is deserving of scientitíc treatment. It promotes good health and consequently happiness and the ladies of the city will no doubt be glad of an opportunity to listen to an authority on the subject. Francia Gould, a York farmer, about 45 years of age was arrested and brought to town last Monday, charged with the crime of incest. The hearing will occur next Tuesday, Gould having made recognizance in thesum of $1,000 to appear before Justice Pond at that time. The crime is said to have been committed two years ago, his daughter Leah, then 17 vears of age, being the victim. Fear of violence from her father is assigned by her as the reasoa for not disclosing the matter. However, she recently gathered courage to teil her friends, the result being Gould's arrest. A paragraph in the Washtenaw Evening Times, of Saturday last, conveys the impression that the high school lawn K not receiving the care that it should have. This incited the Argus reporter to stroU up there and look at it. The west side is in very good condition, but would be improved by a more industi'ioua use of the lawn mower. So also on the south side, which is also in fairly good condition. But the east front cannot receive even this modifled commendation, having a soinewhat neglected.appearance. This may be partly accouñted for by the f act that that portion of the lawn was principally used for the laying down of building materials during the construction of the magniticent addition on the north side of the old building, and the grass has not yet recovered its pristine strength, or indeed reappeared at all in many places, though mauy weeds have, which unfortunately add to the unkempt appearance of that part of the lawn. The conclusión is inevitable that that portion of the grounds should have been properly prepared for seeding after its use as a dumping ground for building materials, and then freely sown with grass-seed. That this has not been done, may not, however, be the fault of the jahitor. But it should be attended to at once, by somebody. The furniture dealer, Martin Halier, has been in Grand Rapids and Chicago with a view to prepare for fall trade. He says he selected a line of goods that will surpass anything that has been brought into our University city yet. The third sewing machine club is nearly f uil. Those wanting to subscribe should do so before Sept. lst. and take advanta'ere of the low priee and easy terms. You choose from Uomestic, White, Davis, New Home or American. J. F. Schuh. We will sell round trip tickets for the farmers' picnic at Whitmore Lake, Aug. 29, for 50 cents from Ann Arbor, good going and return ing on any passenger train on that date.