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The Michigan Central runs two special traĆ­na to Detroit from August 27 to Sept. 3, exceptingSunday,leaving Ann Arbor at 8.15 and 9.49 a. m. and returning leaving Detroit at 5.00 and 11.00 p. in. The f are for round trip including admission to the exposition is $1.65. The tickets are good to September 5. The fare from Chelsea including admission to the exposition is $2.15, from Dexter $1.90, from Scio $1.85, from Delhi $1.80 and from Fosters, $1.70. The trains leave Chelsea at 7.40 and 9.10 a. m. and Dexter at 9.25 and 7.55 a. tu. Hat. Long, Ilugh McGuire and Geo. Koehm have each lost watches this week, stolen from their vests while they were working. Itjis only a couple of weeks ago that a painter allowed a man to look over a house in wqich he was at work, whose plea was that he desired to rent it. Getting suspiciousi the painter went to his vest, found his watch missing and gave chase to the man. The thief stumbled, threw the watch at the painter, breaking the works, and escaped. Some party or parties seem to be working the city in this way. Look out for your watches. "Eachel mourneth for her children, because they are not." The "Rachel" in the present instance is Mrs. Fields, wife of George Fields, flreman in the City Mills, who resides on Summit street, just west of the railroad tracks. Sneak thieves stole nearly all her chickens last Friday night, including one old hen which she says will test the strength of their molars to the utmost. The thieves decapitated their spoil a little way up the track, and they are probably "in the soup" by this time. It is needless to add that Mrs. Fields is "as mad as a wet hen."