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Mr. Hussey's Circular

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Mr. W. J. Hussey, instructor in astronomy, has prepared a six page circular of instructions and suggestions for those amateur astronomers who wish to make observations of valué during the coming total eclipse of the inoon. The eclipse will begin at 6:00 o'clock and end at 7:26 o'clock, Ann Arbor local time, on the evening of November 16. The circular has been sent to those students of the University who have taken the advanced course in astronomy, and also to a number of amateur astronomers throughout the state. The times given are the approximate Ann Arbor mean local times. They may be converted into central standard time by subtracting 25 minutes and 5 seconds. Mr. Hussey has compiled and tabulated the elements of the eclipse, the times of the phases, and also a,catalogue of stars along the moon's apparent path, and the times of the occultations of these stars visible at Ann Arbor. The last page of the circular is a map showing the positions of the stars along the path of the moon at the time of the eclipse. Mr. Hussey deserves considerable praise for the production of this circular, and he will undoubtedly receive the thanks of amateur astronomers for it. He requests those who make any observations to send mm the