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A Christmas Tide Attraction

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It is doubtful if the city has had for a long time anything that will equal the festival to be commenced this evening at Harris hall, under the direction of the ladies of St. Andrew's parish. The booths are in readiness and if "things of beauty are a joy forever. " they will be forever remembered. One booth will represent New Years, a second St. Valentine's Day and so on through the list - Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and last and best, Christmas. There will be a fine musical program rendered each evening. Tonight the high school orchestra, assisted by Gerald Brown, the boy soloist of St. Andrew's choir, will render a program. Tomorrow night Prof. Kempf will entertain tho audience. On Monday evening Prof. Stanley will have charge of the musical program. Tuesday evening the ladies will not tell what will happen, but it will be something nice to be sure. There will be no church lottery so that it will be safe to go without taking your checkbook, for there will be of pretty girls will be many beautiful things to buy.