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St. Andrew's Church 70th Anniversary

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The Protestant Episcopal church of Dhfe city was foumded Ia 1827, and tfie oaming 70th anniversary year of 1897, its Rector, EeT. 'Henry Talook, proposes to make o, prominent year in its history. It is liis desire to collect all the ïacts relatlve to the church's history pOrSible, and have a record made that shall le preerved. ' ■ Ir there are ainy óld 'residents in tlie city or couinty who kaow lanything alxrat the early days of fèt. AndreWs parish, it ■wO'Uld tx tsstecraed agreat tavoii" lf ttiey "vrould write "such recollections down and hand them to Ilcv. Tatlock, oír if they ca-aot do; tfaat, will let hdm know about them. This is an important matter that bas been eadly neglected In liSiie paris'li aaid there is very ïittle on, record that is authentic a'bout the 'eai-ly day.s oí St. Andrews. If' you can be 'Of assitance (n tïiis matter wil] you not confer witlh the rector of the parisa und ihelp along Öio ig-ood -vork? It ie alwa poi-posed rto hold a missioai (here someMme during 'the coming iyear, witlh the hope of Becuring a spirttual revival within the parish. In. ttiis woi'k Bev. Tatlock hopes to nave the assistance and encouragement of all good 'people oí tihe paiisln