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The New Day

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SI leut has been the night, and oh, ro long ; 11 h weary moon forever saillng west; Save tliat a blrd at raldnlght thillled a song; A dreain of dayllgh!, from hl moonllt rest. The liills lay couched In slumber, range on The earin was floatlng in a silver web,- 'J'lmt mystery of calm before a chango! That lull of waters on the lowest eüb ! som. (ln)wsy notes were all the blrd could sing, Solt 11 the acatterod drops of Slimmer dew ; Then, hnshed within the quiet of hls win, He s;iii4 110 more; hut now the dreum coraes true. A thrill runs throiigh the spaces of the night, And llutters on the wavy eastern line; Bevond the stars dilates a dlstant Ught. 1 lumiuous outflow of aday divine. With slow approach lt deepens into bloom- Kftiat Jasnilne yellow, with a ílusli of rose; And in iul iicniuH lili ltmakes the stars agloom, O'er all the loug uncertuinty lt llows. Wliut though the perfect day Is yet unborn ! Bweet was the curoled vlslon of the bird ; Glad are thfl (idal colora of the mom. And heuven is pledged without a single word. The wnves of Ilght are breakiug on the shore, Pulstng in cailence toa mightter llow- The strong uplift of nobler bopes bel'ore, The Ki rat uew future rising In theglow. Above the liills surges the day at last, The louged for day, effulgenl, high and wide; Turn. turn, gray earth, and leave tbe durkened paKt, And swing thyself upon th' Incomlng tlde!