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Soft Eggs

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SomctimcH, in spiteof every known renicdy and prcvcntive, certain hens continue to drop aof't eggs ; to-day in the nest or tomorrow undor the peren the skinny apology is to be found. A valuable hen is rightly rogardcd as ia a bad way when sho bccomes troublesome in tbis manner and not without juat cause is thero serious appreheiisions of hens becoming weakor aud weaker. Hut, then, is not tho failingto bc found in weakness. A thorouRbly sound, healthy bird, which enjoys her liberty, and consequently can find mortar, Bhells, etc., generally focs to nest and deposita a sati.-faotory onerÍM. It is just when tbe bird or its functioiiH fail that the shell of' the etrg fuils. Kor soit eggs I generally find that ome known sünaulating food-is tho best reinedy. Ocoaionally íb found a pullet that begins to luy 8fl eges, and continúes to do so. When suoh B t'owl is recosnized, if not unusually valuable for show or stock, she sliou'd b killed.