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The time is at hand when the farmer should be purchaoing bis f-eed aod tc&ting it to see if it will gerniinate, Defore he sows it. The best method of testing the vitality of seedisto procure a number of garden-pot saucera, whiuh sbonld be unglazed, and the softer burned they are the better. Take two different sizos f'or every kind of seed you wish to try, put water in the larger, and in this iosert the sinall one, ia whioh put no water, but sprinkle a few seeda, cover with a piece of oloth of any kind and place thom where the water will not freeze. If the seed is good you will i-oon see it germinate, and you can then easily determine what per centage is good. If'fifty percent, of grass seed geruiinates you need not hesjtate to sow it ; of rye, oats or barley, if ninety per cent. greniinatee, pronounce it good. If the seed garminates very irregularly you may reM, assured tlftt you have old and oew seed mixed. The seadauan is not always dishonest because the seed he eells will not gernjinate. Sometimes the hay or clover beats in the stack befo: e the seed ia thrashed out, and in this case the germinating power of the seed ia destroyed. Souietimes, on account of üic hay becoming wet while in the üeld, eapeciaiiy if cansed by warm showers, the seed will genuinate before it reaches the stack, and that seed is utterly destroyed. For this the seedsman is no more to blame thao the farmer who purchases it ; but the farmer can tc.-t, in the wat described, the vitality of the seed before he commits it to the ground, and thus save a great aniount of labor. Bear this in mind that the heaviest seed is the best If you are going round to the different seed store to mak e selection?, weigh of each kind a pint or half a pint, and buy the heaviest. This does not test the germioating properties, but if the heaviest germinates well, then it certainly is the best. -