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The coat is oowomrinjjand good lriishing or cardini; lielps the shedding of the hair by stitnulating the skin. The soil of' a young orchard may bo kept in cultivation until the trees begin to bear ; grain should never be grown, except Indian corn, but potatoes and root crops are tlio best. w a f" Clover seed sown this month will do well in many localities, if scattered upon ground previously harrowed with a Muooth har row, whieh passes over the grain without injury, and fertilizcd with a light toD-drossing of fertilizer. Spring work comes witliout hurry to the farmer who is prepnred. Much of the uii-cliii'f laiil to unfavorable seaaonx rigbtly belong to a laggard beginniiig. A well started erop rarely fails to be satisfactory in spite of weather, and a late one Í3 rarely so. With the soil well prepared, early sowing is uaost desirable with many crops. Some tender ones luake a poor start unless the ground is wanned by the sun and air, and a late froH may do no hann. But it is rarely wi.-e to di.-l.iy because of what iu:iy happen, wfecn proiuptue.-s jirpuii-r-i the best resultsj f I Tt is aid that if i ra ifl)CTïpHwyrff sprinkled every night, wliile btOWOming, with a solution made of one qu&rter of a pound eaoh of animonia and coinmon nitre (probably erystal.s) dÍMOlTed OT mixed in two barrc! ni'ciun water, tl.ul ttic -iu ao'l quantity of l'ruit wül be L'ieatly increaed. The figures that show the movement of population to the new iarming lands in the west are altuost itartüng. I)uring the year that closed with last month, not lens than 16,(KXU)00 acres of govfuient lands were laken 0{i 1 i'n'ití, und 'fully J4,pÓO,(H)i) acnsoluew lands ore 8old to et tier; Colonel Mead, superintendent of agrf culture, Vermont, saya that in tive years after he fixed bis stables so as to save lus licjuid manure, he had doubled the producís ot his farm. The greatest waste of agriculture everjwhere, to d.iy, is this waste ui' the liquid excreineiit (ifattle. It3s fivft tines greater than all tüti laxes, and there is no need of it. Tre'nch and Germán authorities reconimend the ue of salt at the rate ot one hundred and (if'ty pounds per aere lor clovtr and ólher leguminous planta; for whett and flax, two liundmd and tit'iy pounds ; and for barley and potatoes, three hundred pounds - to bc sown broadcast in the spring season before the herbage has attained any eonsideraLle growtli. The condition of the soil is always to be taken iuto account. Fiekls that aredraiued, either naturally or or artificial!, may be pafcly 6own when a wet wil cannot be. Wet soils are cold. Soroe deny this, dm the ground that the water is as warm as the soil, and has no refrigerating effect. But it is the ciruulation ot' au in -the toil that wanna it, accUf it is go filled with waler fhat air cannot enter, it retuains eold, until the water has evaporated.