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Culture Of Onions

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íorty years ago it took twentyfive men and four teams one day to sow an acre of onions ; now two men, a boy and onehorse in two days will do tlie samo work in a much better manner. The great diífercnce is in fitting the soil. Fornierly we put on a very heavy coat qf uianure in tlie fall and plowed it under .six or eigDt iiches. In the spring we plowed and cross plowed to mix the whole maa8,making a load of lumps tbr every load of fine earlh. Now we do not plow in the spring, but Iet the frost do the pulverizing, and only mix the manure with two or throe iocbes of the surface, taking less than one ijiiarter to produce the same. . fj 1 For the tast fen years my raetiee bas never f'ailed. I plow the land just before winter, not deep (.ay four inches), and f the land ia not level I plow aeross, so the rains will not run down the furrows and wash off the soil. In the winter, or atany time after the ground freezes, and before it thaws in the spring, I put on a light covering of fine barnyard manure, spread evenly over the land. In the spring, after a few j-„ i - (-- v„c_, j_ : :. i . , I let a boy with a horse and cultivator go across the furrows, polrerizing and leveling the ground in a strip two rods wido. We then go over with a light harrow ; after this we use a pulverizer. This is made of' four planks 4J l'eet long and 10 inches wide. I bolt the plank on two crosspieces at the back,atid raise the back side2 inches, or the of the plank. I then put on the next plank and lap it over the first far enougb. to put a bolt tbrough both and through the eross-picoe. In the same uianner I put on the four planks. This is drawn over a few times, and will break the lumps and lcvel the surface, which will save uiost of the labor of raking. After this one man with a rake will level and makc the surface smooth. A man with a drill will sow in rows, 14 or 16 inehes apart, as f'ast as the land if; prepared. When tbc ouions are up bo the rows can be seen, we go over with hand cultivators, aud when the weeds appear in the rows, we go over with a hoe ana keep olear of weeds. Success cannot b' expected unlesss this ia done. Plow the land late in the fall and you will destroy the cut worms. Sow the ODions early and the onious will all " bottom," and there will be no "scullions," as they are called, chioh are merely