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How To Make Boys Love The Farm

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The following is taken from a letter in St. Nicholas lor March. Ifmore parents treated their boys in thisway, it would be niuoh better for both : " I am a little boy, ten yoarsold. When I was Cour, my motlier took me to see my grandfather, who gave me a dollar. When I came home, my father offered to give ine a heifer for the dollar and a year's work at live cents a day. I said all right, and after the year's work was done, he sold the cow and gave rae the .money, with which I boughta four-year-old cow. After a while this cow had a calf, and when he was a yearling, she had another. When the firstcalf was a two yearold, I traded him foranother cow. The first cow by this time liad a thinl calf, and the second cow alt-o had a ealf. I sold two of the yearlings for twenty three dollars, and had six dollars besides. 1 put this money at interest for ten cents on a dollar, a year. Afterwards I bough t another oow, selling the first old one for $27, buying two pigs. By trading round I now have two cows, two calves, two pigs, a pony and saddle, and ii'4 in money at interest, all made in six years. This little fellow will surely get along in the world. " A little effort is necessary to teach a calf to take its first grain dry, but it will soon learn it Beginning with a small quantity and gradually increasing it after a week or two, qr whon the calf is four to six weeks old, give it all it will eatof these ├╝ght foods, feeding it immediately after it has taken its milk. A good increase on one good oalf wcll protected, is better thari half a one oa two calves poorly cared for.