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Potato Crops That Pay

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Mr. I. W. Tcrhanc, Bergen station, Ky., who raised 400 bushels of potatoes to (he acre last ycar, and cxpects an even better crop this seaaon, gives the Farmers' Home Journal " all necessary particulars " of his inethod, as follows : First, have good, light, rich soil ; plow it deep, as oarjy in the spring as it will do to break ; don't plow it too wet ; lay it off deep in rows with a plow 2J feet apart; drop your potatoes- cut to one eye - every 12 or Ia inches apart ; plant as early after the lüth of Marchas you can; covor them with a shovel-plow Cour or fivo inches doep, for the lonper the stem has to grow belore it coinés through the ground the strenger the plant and the better it will sUfid drought. As soon as they begin to come up, plow them once with a largu plow, then with a two-lior.-e brusu cross the rows, to iestroy all wecdn. ( )ne more good working at the propeT time is sufBcieut to make a itood erop in clean groiind. I do not work :heui after they begin to bloom. The greutsst secret, I tliink, is in the seed. I bought i half bushei of New York early rose ñine ears agro. I have selected for planting tood-sized tubers from them every ycar ince. I cut the blossom end off and throw t away (as it only produoos small potatocs). By so doing, I havo iroprovcd the seed very much, ldugfrom ono eye last year as mueh as eight pouuds. One eye will yield inoro potatoes by itself than two togother will. I havo done away with all other yarioties and plant the abovo named, as it yields more, pella more readily n the market, matures carlier, is easier kopt the ycar round, and I can raiso a erop of corn or buckwheaton the same ground thesaiue season.