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Knowledge In A Nutshell

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A cubit ie two fcet. f A pace ia three feet. I A í'athom is six feet. A span ia luí inches. A palm is threc inclies. A great cubit is 1 1 í'eot. A league b three miles. There aro 2,750 languagcs. Oats, 35 pounds per bushel. Bran, 35 pounds per bushel. Barley, 48 pounds per buHhol. A day's journey is 33J miles. Two persons die every seeond. Sound moves 743 miles per hour. A square mile contains ü40 acres. A storm blows 36 miles per hour. Coarse salt, 85 pounds per bushel. A tub of butter weigha 81 pounds. Buckwheat, 52 pounds per bushel. "' '¦ !¦,. human life ia 3J voars. A barrel ot rice weighs oüu pounds. An acre contains 4,840 square yards. A firkin oí' butter weig-hs 50 pound.--. A barrel of flour weghs196 pounds. A barrel of pork weighs 200 pounds. Slow rivera flow five miles per hour. Timothy eeed, 45 pounds pur buahel. A hurricane moves 80 milos per hour. A hand (horse measure) is lour inuhes. A rifle ball moves 1,000 miles per hour. Rapid rivera flow seven miles per hour. Klectricity niovea 2S8.000 miles per hour. The first lucifer match was uiado in 1 S2(J. Gold was discoverod in California in 1848. The first horse railroad was built in 1826-7. A mile is 5.2S0 feet, or 1,770 yard in lencth. The first steamboat pliod the Iludson in 1807. Corn, rye and flax seed, 26 pounds per bushel. A moderate wind blows seven milos per lour. Wheat,beans,andclover seed, 00 pounds er bushel. The first use of a locomotivo in this country was in 1829. The first almanac was priotcd by üeorge Van Purbach, in 1640. The first steam engine on this oonttnont was brouwt from Kngland in 1753. Until 1770 cotton spianiug was performcd by the hand spinning wheel.