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Rugby ia belng played on the Campus to some extent. Rev. Hcnry Hudson, the Shakespearian scholar, was the guest of Prof. Demmon. The prizes for Field Day will be on exhibition at Goodyear's drug store next Monday. The peal of bells which were pesented to the library building have come and are now in the western tower. Prof. Winchell has been selected to give the address at the memorial service to Dr. Cocker. The date has not yet been tixed. The University appropriatioa bill was passed by the senat'e Tuesday and all the items were passed upon as asked for, except the Dental college, which was cut down frora $3,000 to $6,000 per annura. As was shown by the game of base ball last Saturday the University nine is a good one, go an interesting game may be looked for this afternoon when they are to play the Detroit League club on the Fair grounds at 3:30. Messrs. McLennan, Foote and Gibbs went to Hillsdale yesterday to represent Alpha Nu at the convention of the college literary societies. Thiseveningat thepubüc exercisos Mr. McLennan gives an oration on " Macbeth." Two of the students have built a cabin down by the rirer and are going on the camping-out plan. Not long since they were absent from their residence for four or five dayg, and when tliey returned tliey found their dog inside, which they had gone off and forgotten. It is unnecessary to say the dog had been fasting in their absence. Saturday was a cold day, especially for the Adrián boys who caine here to show the Universities how to play base-ball. In fact it was cold enough for muffs, a good many of which were seen during the afternoon. The strangers were surprised to see the ball curve so much and it rather rattled them. The score stood. Nine 112 3 i 5 Total Adrián 0 U Ö i Ü ï Ann Arbor, 12 0 1 3 7 23 Next week Saturday U Field day, and if it does not rain a program will be carried out which includes a 10 mile walk; catch-as-catch-can wrestling; hop, skip andjump; Rugby; base ball throw; boxing, heavy and light weight; standing broud jump; sledge throwing; drop kick; Indian clubs; hour, go-as-you-please ; horizontal bar; lawn tennis; 3 legged race; tug-of-war, 85 and 86; fencing and single stick exercise; 100 yards dash ; collar and elbow wrestling; chaslng greased pig; wheel-borrow race; 5 mile bicycle race; }L mile run; 3 mile walk; clay pigeonshooting; bicycle exhibition; fiuicy exhibition; potato race and hurdle race. ANK AbBOB, April 30, 1883. Editor Courikr Dear Sir- Please say in your next issue that " Somebody has Blundered." I have not been offered the Presidency of Nebraska University, and consequently have not declined it. All of this grew out of a very innocent letter from a member of the Nebraska Legislature asking me if I would consider the matter should it be proposed. I regret that I have been the occasion of advertising the University as offering her chairs, and ha ving them refused. Yours truly, Edw. Oi.ney. p, s._w)i other papers that have copied the personal above referred to, please give Chis equal publicity. E. O. I Nathan Knapp saja: Wolcott. Y, Gents- I have been troubled with rheumatism for several years to such a degree that I found it impossible to attent! to my Dusiness, which is that of toundryman and have been conflned to the house and to bed much of the time. Have tried al sorts of remedies, and have been treated by several doctors, all to no purpose, until I liually heard of your Kheumatic Syrup and was induoed to try it, and I am veiy happy to eay, after the use of a few bottles iïï.! strong and well as ever, and never íeTa symptoin of anything like rheumaism aiiy more. I can cheerfully recotnmend your Rheumatic Syrup to all who are afflicted with rheumatism.for it iscertainly a most invaluable remedy, and too inuch cannot be said in its praise.