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Film Briefs Under Study

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Film Briefs
Under Study

The Municipal Court examina-
tion of three University students
and their faculty adviser on
charges they caused an obscene
film to be shown on the campus
last January may not be re-
sum cd for a month.

•)'i!ii ;,;!.• S. J. Elden said it will
.take about that time for de-
tfense briefs on the question of
illegal seizure and answers to
those briefs by the prosecution
to be examined. The judge said
the defense filed a brief last
> month and Prosecutor William
iF. Delhey has now filed an an-
swer to the brir^

The four deis were ar-
jrres-tipd faKflda^a al' an ex-
^erimentaPTtkQC a 11 e d "The
gaming Creaturfes^was seized
jpy'gilsi police dunhg a show-
ing on the campus. The film is
being held as evidence by police
Jand the four defendants are free
|on their own recognizance pend-
ling the outcome of the exam-

The charge against them is a
Circuit Court misdemeanor
which cannot be disposed of in
'Municipal Court. .