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People's Food Co-op

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II i Worried about being a 1 1 politically correct shopper? I 1 rpl People's Food Co-op s a cooperatively owned business that lm has been providing whole foods and other products to the rpl Ann Arbor community since. 1971 . The Co-op's origins lie in ml rl the ethics of service to the community. They are based on the UI cooperative principies of self-help through shared profits and ijn labor. Whenever the Co-op makes a "profit", the money s j invested in purchasing more food, loweringfood prices, adding si more services or improving our facilities. UI Iri The Co-op cares about where foods origínate - if workers are I being exploited and f growers are using harmful pesticides. üjl We buy products from local growers, when possible, and Ml approximately 85 percent of our suppliers are within the state ÜJJ KH of Michigan. Uil [rjj Whether or not you want to be a "politically correct" shopper, Ujl IJH you'll find People's Food Co-op to be a fun and healthy place m toshop i MI 740 Packard & 212 N. Fourth Ave. üjl 761-8173 994-9174 frj Sun.-Fri.9-9 Mon.-Fri.9-9 Uil IJH Sat.9-7 Sat. 8-7, Sun. 11-7