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Shade Trees In Pastures

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íIeísiís. hiMTORs: - i iiavc reati wuii muoh surprise the articlos ia tbc Cmliaitor and Country Gentleman advising farmers to destroy thc shade trecs iu their paslurcs. Now, as (lie íncreiful man is meroifal to liis benst, it issurpising tliat. so celebrated a farmer is Hon. A. 15. Diokiuson, should adrocato Ruch cruelty. Olio of my cows, by-tho-by, was sadly eun bumed ast summcr by being pastured in a licld without sufficient abade. I havo but o:ie íicld upon my farm destituto of slindc trecs, inid that I intond to eupply as süou as they will grow. Mr. Pickinson tayá tbc lazy raseals wil! lie iu thc shade when tliey should bc feeding. Now cattle if running in good pasture will eat wbat their appctiles crave, and no more IfcMS difficult foroing them to feed by exposing their backs to a burning sun. I know not how wcll Mr. Diekinsun's otila may be trained, but I do k'iow that my cattle are mean cnougli, wheu turnee! in a pasture without shado treas, to tako advantago of the little shade whioh the fences afford, and there lio, vainly endeavoring to screen them8elves from tho sun's rays as long as'they otherwise would be iu a comfortable shade. It is argued that thcy mnkö more flesh bv being deprived of the benefit of shade treea, wíiich I very inuch doubt; but, if so what is the valué of a few pounds of beof eompared with the gatisfaetion of seeing them comfortably onjoying themselvcs in the shade of a beautiful troe? Animáis as well as mon are killed by sun stroke, if Ye take the uewspapers for authority. Where is the man that will take his dinneraud go out in the sun and eat, if he cau find a shade? I say, "Woodman, epare that. tree." Cuas. Prince. Schuyler Co., N. Y. - Country Gent.