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The Monument To Commodore Perry

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A Cleveland eorra3pondeut oí The Boston Transcript saja: "I find tlie cit:zens of develan! a!readj active n preparing for what they may well regard as tbe grandeat celabration in their municipal history - tbe inaugura'ioa of the statue in h"nor of CjiïIo.l re Pjiry. 'filis il vork of arl i : now in a:i idvauced statí of co;upletiau, aad raqairea but tae fi'iViiiig. touj'j of tai' gcitlptor'a ohiscl t.i preparo it for fio iinpnsing coremnriy of inaugural on oh ilie iOtii of Sapteraber next, a daj ncver to be forgitton in the coaa try'a anua!:, wlieu Commodore Porrv Oüininaiulcd ouv naral foi-oes ia the onequal battie of Lnke Erie and perfortned deeds of iinuiortal valor whieli his oouU' trymon will nevor forget aud whioh this st, itue ia dsáif;ned to eommeraorata 1 The monument and status La to ba twenty-íve fcet high; the statac itself is oiwht aud a half feet high. It is of puro wííita marble, and is an ereot tígure of Pcrry ia naval dress; ooö hand extended as if eommaading in bal alo. His oounteuanoj expresses exultation, and hia eye flashes íi re; the attitude and expression are lifo like and quite sptrited. Upou each sido are to b plicod sinall statuos of a na'al charaoter represontiug a sailor and a midshipman, while in frontis placed ün alio relievo ropresentinc; tliat thriïling passage in this menioriab'e battie - where the iuterpred eommander leaves the distnanÜed and sinking Lawrenoe to hor fate, a. id loworing his boat witli a haDdful of followers, pushos for tho Niágara, and while the eneiny ave nlioutiug over their supposcd victory, sweeps down np on thom in one tviumphant and victorio s oEarge, oach one of tlie enemy's sliip.i itriking iheir colors befure his terriblo b.'oadsidcs. The coat of the itatue is about ten dollars, and the caeorf ilness with whioh tliat surn has beon subsoríbed rofleetu the bihest credit on the patriotisn of the eitizens of Cleveland. T!io preparatious for the celebrntion on the 10 of next September are of tho inost extoiisne character. Tiio eminent historian tlie Hon. Gaorge Baueroft, will doliver an ov.iti üi. and ínnny distinguishod soldíom, naval' oüicers and eivilians vrill N prosdut. Mr. William Waloott, tho dv and exocator of the statue is a nntive oí Öhio, but has residqd inriiig ' m.wt of bis profesüional lifo in New York. FkabfdIi to RfiLATK - A Frehch phiprediot-s that the accnmula(ioñ of ice al. tho South Pota wjll evcutuaüy tip the (wrth, bringinglnflBWSKaiíi'.'onte to light anddoliiging the BPfïhS jbVpijohinau an that thi4ntcjrtuiit( WJ] tul fii e thousand j