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Song Of Saratoga

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New York Lu.!gr "Prat. what do they do at the Spring?1 The qiivstiim is easy to aak; But tu unswer it fully. nriy leur. Wen rnthtr a eri..u8 tnk And yet; i" a hantering wtty, _ _ Ae the mng or niockiug bird sing, 111 v.-ni ure u bit of a so' g. . To teil what tlu-y do at the Spnngsl Imprimís, niy diirüng. thcy drink 'Ihe waters ospm-kling nnd CIeT Thungh tl. e flavor 8 non.' irf ihe best. And the o.lur Kosedingly qurer; Bu the fluid is mingled, you knuw, With wholAomr medicinsl tlnngs, And i hoy d-u.k, and tlu-y drink and ihcy drink And that'swhat they do at the t nngsl Then with uppetitr ki'en ai a knife, Tliry Imsten lo liu-akf9t or dine; (' he UttoT preciai-U at thrt-e; The farmer f om sev n to nine ) ïe Gud-! - what ft ruSile and rush Wben lfi eloquent dinne btll rin(il Tht-n tl.ey et und they ent, and thtg eat, An.l fat' what they do nt the ÜpriafM Nnw thcy stroll in the beautiful walks, Or lull in the shadc of he treii; Wben iiüiny whisper is heirrd 1 hut ver ie ïoln by the breeie: f nd hand are commtugld with handl Hirrnrdik99 of io juiíiii r ngs; And they flirt, ld they flirt and hey flirt Ai.d tttst'l what they do at tlie SprÍBt I The drawing rooms Dow ar.' nblaza, '1 hr music is slir.tking wij ; Terpsieborc gorern th hoar, And Kiisluón wss ncvir s guyl An arm rottnd a t apiri ng wHi-t - Hnv ei Sflynr.d foi.dh it clings; Sothey waltï, aud ihcy waliz, nd they wahz. And that'n what they do t the Springil In short- a it goes in the world - They uit, and they drink, and thy alaep; They talk.nnd tht-y walk and they woo; 'llit-V eigh, ud they laugh, aud the r wep: They raad and thav rido.and they Unea; (With olhtr unai e; kabk tt.ii gs;; Th y pray und th.y play and ihey p y. And tliat' whm tney ilo at the rf,iringi!


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