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Ashes As A Manure

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Woc-d nslic are gooJ on saudy or gravely sous, where the subsoil is open, and tba turfaco soil is not heavy and inclincd to bakc, ns thé sayiug is. Tlio morcopei:, eandy rnd loose the soil i-, t!iu mure ashc will bcnoíit it. They wil] uiako gra8s gtow Lr a fow crops on heavy soil, but thoy will tend to wake the soil hcavicr, and run tito HOOS. Band is bciter for einyey soils thau aslus Lea a$hes May as wcll bo spread on grass :i;:;;r; hu: uulniched, tliey sliould bo ïnixwl with twüor ihrfle tiius thcir bulk of Borne heavy soil, t!io more clayt-y tlic bottiT, and lie in a heap awtil dio wholc musa bccoiuss lcavoi.t-d will) tlia asbeí, tbough not leached through to waste. If can ba obtnhied quite clieap. I tliiiik it would pay to put in a bu&ljel to ten of nslies. Fif:y bushek üf ishes. properly applii'd, is cnuugh for an acre; and ou grouud to whicb they are suittJ, thoy will on'iüa: i!y pnJuce an c-tra tou of hay to the aero, for three yenrs, nud leave (he grouud i:i better condiiion, than at the time of the applicatiou of the ashes. They will ia fact produce a permanent chango fur the botter, in sandy sous; but o;i heavy Luid to which they are 'not suited, though thoy may mako a few Ciops grow bctt'-r, they are in the end, an ii;jury. They may be advantageou6ly applied to graiu crops, potatoes aad corn.