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The True Blue

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-Everybody luis heard the designation "true blue, applied to Presbyterians. Dr. Murry, in his speech beforo the assembly ot the Free Church at Scotland, at the tricentenary celebration, tbus playfully refers to its origiu: "I have often been asked vrhy we aro called "true blue," I did not know how to answer. Bul I asked a Scotchman. "Well," said he, "when we were persecuted, the ministers used to go to the mountains, and when they were going to have a oommunion they held out a blue flag, which was an invitation to tho poople of the country around to altend; and their deseendants are callud truo blue from that." That is one explanation, but I have found out another for tnyself. A fow years go I was in Naples and Rome, and weut to Pompeii, where I spent sorne time among its splendid frescoes of variogatcd huos. All tho ot-her colors had faded away, but the blue was as bright as it was the dny it was put on, although it had been buried for nearly two thousaod yenra. Tho truo blue nevor gave out - that is the moamog of it. (Laughter) Truo blue Presbytorianisrn is so blue that it nevor gives out." ni i i S&" Judge P., of Indiana, lias his ecceritricilfe, butan abler jurist caonot be fourul ia the Wost. A young, winJy lawyer was once tnaking a plea in a manslaughter caso beforo the Judgo. The lawyer talked bcuutitully, but did not touch the points in the caso. As he was about closing, tho Judge asked hirn whioh tido he was retained on. " The defence, j'our honor," replied tho astonishod lawyer. "ïhen," said Judgo P, "wby the deuce don't yon say so?" This is striotly truo.