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A Great Curiosity

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-A New port respondent givus soinegos.-ip oneevmug a garden, a gardener. and u novelist : ■'One of the gröatert curiosities ï have seon for a long tiuiu i thu orohard house of the Hon. B. Lawrence, ó'ï tlrs city. The systern of culturo i, I believo, rathernew ín this country. Tha house is a lean-to 300 ieet long, built inthe most substantial manuur. The entire house isheated by h't-w iter pipes, and is divided by glass purlitior.8 into aections of 30 fout ea h. lidie one cm ea ily faney ha iri enj n-ing tropical life, for he lias tho heat of the tropio.- for the entire yoar, and thuir fruits.such asr jineapples, npricots, filborís, fig-, bananas, togethor with a graat abund nnce and variety of fruits ui the more northarp elimos, sucll as str.iwbarrie, bears, paaches, cherries, &o, All thtísofruits are growiDg in pot? ; and, what is tnost remarkable, are simply Clled with mosa guthered from tha woods. Sorne of th troes grow in tangig baskets, wliiüh, I bolieve, wa original Bith Mr. Alfrc! Chamberlain, who bas the o.ire of the house. Mr. O. fortnerly hud tho care of the garden of Sir Lvtton Bulwér, the novelist, who fiVed seven miles out of London. Hia account is, that, 'Bulwer w:s acci:8to'tjed to como :ind spund an hour i r tvro with him in the gardon, a.'idthen 1 e would return to his tudy and ri e with-atl his mig-hf The pota nnd baskets are generally sm ilf, and fi'lud wi h inoss, anc], with tho trees (rained in iviry i:ii!ignib!o shape, somo of t. tn laden wkli the ehoiiest (ruit, prost u pU'ture?que and n'vel íj'pearanve."