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Terrible Explosion

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PlTTSBL'Ii(!H,'Sept. 24. One of Ihe most appalling cnlamities thiit. ever occurred here toot place at 1 P. M. A boiler in tfie m:irble workfl of W. W Wallace exploded, killing Bovernl iren, - the numocr s not yot Pcertained, - and wounding soveral. The bo-ler pasaed through the building, reducing the back pnrt into a hi'ap oí ruina. Striking the front of Kobert &. Buiker's clothiiig store, on the oppohite side of Liborty streef, it killed the proprietor, who küh síunjing at the door His head was neurly taken off Itthen paVsed through the rear wall of the store inco Swartz's l;iger bier hall, which it nearly deniolif-hed. A numcd VVilIrtior, who was in the paloop, was kilkd. The boiler hmd;d in the Prsbyterian grave yard, buck of the buil, having pawed throagh four wall. Tlia nuinber of men engaged in the works viib one bïndre 1. It i supposed that Cítelo to twenty men aro in the ruins. The following ure amonjr the killed: WillÍBin Burke, Williuni ÖcMurray, T. McCutehoon, W. Aquén, J. 11. Iliiinilton, Lewit Ilutcliinnon, Robort Burkor. It is uppofüed thfit iiumber of budios will vet be iound.