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The Pioneer Society

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-The regular meeting of the Pioneer Society, held at Ypsianti on Wednesciay, was a large and pleasant gathering. The several papers read were : A sketch of the revolutiouary soldiors buried n tliis county (six in number), by Wm. M. Grefjory, of Salina ; a continuation of the eary history of Webster, by J. D. Williams, of his city; and ludían Antiquitioa, by Wm. D. {arriman, of this city. A capital dinner was erved at the Baptist Church, after which, to all for all who had lived fttty year in the ounty, John Reedries wns tlie only raau to espoud. A large nmnber of forty-year resients responded to a similar cali to " show antis." The Ypsilauti pcople won the hearty hanks of the society for their hospitality on he occasion. The dramatic entertainment given by the Garrick Club on Tuesday evening, tor the benefit oí the Ladies' Library Associatiou, was a success, except in attendauce. The Opera House was uot as tull as the Club or the object in aid ot which the entertainment was brought out deetved, and yet the net proeeeds were about $1)0. The two plays brought out were : " Who Speaks First t " tlie character being Capt. Charles, Ernest Militant, Potter, Mrs. Müitaut, and Smart, represtnted in the order named by Mr. Browu, Mr. Van Pelt, Mr. Ilsley, Mrs. Snow (from Detroit), and Miss Backus. The piece was well renaered, and we will not comment on the individual actors. lei on Parle Francais " was a more pretentious piece, the cast being: Major Eegulus Rattan, - Mr. Donison ; Víctor Dubois, Mr. DePont; Mr. Spriggins- Prof. C. N. Jones ; Mrs. Spriggius - Mrs. Boudinot ; Angelina, daughter oí Spriggins - May Hale; Julia, wife of Major -Miss Stockbridge ; Ann Maria, Maid oí all Work - Miss Kellogg. The audieuce was kept in good humor during the entire piece, and the verdict was that each actor made a hit in his or lier part. Being amateurs, specifiic criticism might be considered either ül-timed or iuvidious.