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The Organ Concert

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An Organ and Vocal Concert was givea on Tuesday evening last in the new Cougregational Church ou State street, uuder the auspices of the youtig laches' society aud for the beuefit of the orgau tund. The housa was well nlled, though not crowded, the receipts uetting about $226. The following programme was observad : PART FIRST. 1. Organ Solo (Some Old Airs) Lovtjoy. NEWELL LOVEJUY. 2. " Twilight," Mozart. MUS. BEEBE. 3. Huntsinau's Farcwell, Menddssohn. MESSKS. ADAMS, BURT D'OOGE, MURPHY. 4. Organ Solo, Stlectionsfrom Mozart, Listz, Rosim. PROF. FKIKZE. 5. " Good Night Beloved," Bale. MUS. BLISS. 6. The God of Israel, Rotsini. BY THE CHORUS. PART SECOMD. 1. Organ Solo, (Impromptu.) NEWELL LOVKJOY. 2. Trio, From. Lucrezia Borgia. MRS. WARDEN, MHS8KS. BURT, HEKDMAN. 3. Organ Solo, (Fantasia) Frieze. 1. Allegro. Joy Interrupted hy Alarm. 2. Largo Supplication. 3. Andante. Uopy. 4. Allegro. Triumph and Peaee. PROF. FUIEZE. 4. " I Kuow thai My Redeetnei Liveth ïlandtl. (By special rtquett.) MUS. BKEBE. 5. loria in Excelsis, froin Twelfth Maas. Mozart. The organ was built by E. & G. G. Hook & Hastings, of Boston. It contains 109S pipes, arranged aci-ording to the folio wing BpecifUations, gl. AIANUALE. (Gkeat.) Comi-ass Cd to a3. I. Sixtecu feet, Bourdon, l'ull inlonation," woud, 58 pipes. '2. Eight feet. Open Diapasón, (largest pipes in front), vory full aud bold, metal, 58 pipes. 'S. Eight feet, Dulciana, delicate, mt tal, 58 pipes. 4. Eight feet, Melodía, (witli stopped bass, rich and uiullow, woud, 58 pipes. ö. Füur feet, Octave, full scale, metal, 58 pipes. 6. Three feet, Twelfth, full scale, metal, 58 pipes. 7. Two feet, Fil'tceutli, full scale, metal, 58 pipes. 8. Three rks., Mixturo, muderately strong, metal, 174 pipes. í). Eight feet, Trumpet, very powerful, metal, 58 1 IL MANUAI.E. (Swell). Compass CA to a3. 10. Eight feet, Open Diapasón, medium streiigth, wood and metal, 33 pipes. II. Eight feet, Viola, (or Keraulophonj delicate uní crisp, metal, 58 pipes. 12. Eiglii feet, Stopped Diapasón, clear and bright, woud. 58 Ditoes. 13. Four feet, Flauto Traverso, very beautiful, wood, 58 pipes. 14. Four icet, Violina, delicate, metal, 58 pipes. 15. Two feet, Flautino, clear, metal, 53 feet. ÏÊ SgtSSSxm, fp'aintivemeta, 58 ft. PEDALE. Compass fbohCtom. 18. Sixteen feet, Open Diapasón, powerful and grand, wood 27 pipes. 19. Sixteen feet, Bourdon, deep and pervading, wood, 21 pipes. MECHAXICAL REGISTERS. 20. Manual Coupler, (Swell to Great). 21. One, Manual to Pedale (;oupler, (Great to Peiialj. 22. Two, Manual to Pedale Coupler, (Swell to Pedal. 2:1. Trémulo. 24. Bellows Hignal. PEDAL MOVEMENT8. 1. Combination, drawing all the registers oi the Great Organ. 2. Combination. reducing Great Organ to Nos. 3 and 4. 3. Reversible pedal to opérate Pedal Coupler for one manual. 4. Adjustable, Swell Pedal. Ifot being a musical critio suffice it te say that the concert as a whole was more than good, that it was excellent, aud tüat organists and singera successfully vied with ach other in acceptably rendering the parta assigneri thera. MeBsrs. Lovejoy, Frieze, Morris, and Pease (who played the accompauiments for the solos of Mrs. Beebe) tested the capacity of the organ in volume, power, and tone, and the verdict was favorable to the instrument. Mrs. Beebe, of Jackson, won the same credit and applause that she has received elsewhere, while the home musicians maintained their well-known reputations. The programme was so arranged as not to be todious or wearisome, and the coucert furnished a most enjoyable treat.