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gtreel parad n"d jubilee ot' Company A gtftffberrifts " tounhed botton " on Snt Isy ls( : Kot down to sixpence a quart. Bstabrook, of the State Nunnal -hooi deltvera the Fourth of July oration at Wni. Haight, an olii and proinmont resitoï Saliie died on tha 20ih ïust., aed 7fi -The ïuni Verein Society are advertised fr,Fonrth-ot-July pioceasion, with a picnic ,, the park. Joiiu Lawreime, Ksq., of tlua city, is úUllCt;d aa Fourtii-of July oratoi' at Dexter, „fjfflfej next' of course. __fjie postoffiue will be open for the deliveot mail a. M., ou Tciesday, July 4. Mail llbedispatched ns usual. Jibe Salmo Oracle, a new neutrRÍ paper, sjesacampaign Republican edition- flyinf; Uljdneol Huyes auil Wheeler. l'he meinbers of Company A go to Adrián If yu wish to o with the boya oucsu get a round trip ticket fot íí0. ' Bagley, ex-Uov. Felch, aud ex-Gov. lii, also ex-Oov. Ashley, of Montana, had Kits on the platform at Commencemeut. _jj Frank Bowor, ot the Courier, jüiiame at the Michigan builüuiy, Ceuteu(lirounds, 1'lnladelphia, ou Mouday last. _0l. Burleigh iiud Bufus Cate rau a foot0) on Mouday eveuing around the Court goll!e square, the Col. distancing his competi-Tha residence of James ö. Raah, near lddesburg, was burned ou the 21st. Loss boat tl.óOÜ ; iusured lor $600 iu the Washte„„Mutual. _Ald. Kyer weut boat riding ou the pond uSuaday last, and iell out of the said boat „o the deep waters He came out wetter ijjahB went in. -The barn of Dr. K. S. Smith was struck Iflightning on ï'riday afteruoou last. Uamvt some 515, with 110 iusurance - against Polioy ordered canceled. -ffool is coming in a little more freely. Hicli & Schond have bought 6ó,000 Iba., and ach iE Abel 30.000, at from 2ó to 26 cents a rand. There are no visable signs of a rise. „Jiow is the time for subscnbers who jwet't vet paid for tbe Aböus for the , ,,tyeartodo80. And it is au equally good , ■inefornew subscribers to enroll their uames. -The Fifth warders celébrate the Fourth on jheii oirn hook,- by a basket picmc on th ■mi, and after tnat a dance. A11 outsider iieiuvitea to particípate. The Fire Company w charge of the arrangementsT -At iniclnight of Mouday the clouds open eiud poured dowu a bouutifui ujiply o nier. It was none of your common, everyiyihowera. " Old Probabilities " ien't Riv agthe best of satisfaction to haymakers. -A Detroit Pott item says: Friduy night Hum Steveus, of Dexter, was knockec Jora anti seriously injared by blows from a tut shot, and a mau named Win. Monison k beea arrested on suspicion of makiiig the -Eev. Goo. Duffield, of this city, has sent IöOov. Bagley a weH-preserved portrait ol tisaucestor Rev. Geo. ünflield, Ghaplain of Ie Continental Congreas, autl the same ís to nplaced on exhibition in Indwpendence Hall Um the Centenmal. -Mr. H. Camp, living aliout live miles intlieast of this city, had a child so badly nüti on the 22d net., by ita grabbing at minyittiiig a tea-pot on the supper table M ipian3 ensued, the child dying next cmm Age, 11 mouths. Vil uifo' Ö -"- - fúr the accouimodation of the pubhc wisJtiog to celébrate the Fourth of July al Siline, seven trama will be ruu each way bet?eeo Ypsilanti aud that placo, conuecting nth al! trams on the M. C. R. B., and at inteiediate hours. Fare 2 cents íor the round tap. -Thos. Godden, an elderly man eiuployed in'sMill, Fifth waril, attempted suicide on ïnday afternoon last by throwing iiimself uto the race. Before doing ao he handed hia ntch to ancther person, which excited sus(ieionaud led to his beiug watched aud res-The Central Railroad has ordered half toa for the í ourth lor every man and hia iife, or for " all the world and the rest of fflinkmd." Round trip tickets will be aold on ihslid and 4th from any station to any station, aod fot return on the 5th, at a single fare. U "all take a ride." -Inouritem on the "Luboratory Muss," iilffltiBous, we made a mistake iu saying tot the committee held Dr. Douglaa responsiHiincertiia "red linos " on stubs. It was i tertain stubs marked with a " D," and tóng no " red linea," aud which " D " Dr. feigla claims is a forgery. The committee luid not assume to settle that question, and luid the Dr., with his consent, for the Wint represented (subject to a legal deteriitton of the disputed point).