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2015 "It's All Write!" Short Story Contest

Around 571 writers sent their stories to the 2015 "It's All Write!" Teen Short Story Contest! Below is a list of the 2015 winners. 6th-8th Grade Winners:

1st Madilynn O’Hara "Why Walter Adams Cheated at Bingo"
2nd Laura Edwards "Sea Smiles"
3rd Anonymous "Living Among the Dead"

9th-10th Grade Winners:

1st Felicia Danu "Tethered"
2nd Ella Staats "Jessie"
3rd Michelle Glans "Alive (على قيد الحياة)"

11th-12th Grade Winners:

1st Tiffany Wang "A Girl, in Seven Parts"
2nd Devin Quinn "Night-Birds"
3rd Hannah McSorley "Amongst the Stars"

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