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Zingerman's Summer of Food Tasting Fun! Bonus Badges on a Monday!

Mon, 06/25/2018 - 2:06pm by erin

If you love tasty food and playing the game, well, this is the kick-off of a seriously delicious Summer Game badge series! First, you want to find the deli bear we have hidden in the FRONT window of Zingerman's Deli on Detroit St. - find the bear and his code and you will earn the Zingerman's Deli Bear Where badge! He's hanging out in a small, clear box. The installation is in their window and viewable 24/7, but you may as well go during their open hours (7 days a week 7am-10PM) because then you can TASTE some delicious foods and earn the Zingerman's Deli Tasting Passport badge! Ask any Zingerman's staff member for a Passport and begin your journey!

More gamecodes will be coming to other Zingerman's business partners to hunt for in this Friday's badge drop too! Then, if you're in town on Tuesday, July 3 attend the Zingerman's Summer Game Food Tasting event from 2-4PM at the Downtown Library. Attendees will get to try different foods, do fun activities and more - all ages!

Badge Drop #2.422

Zingerman's Deli Tasting Passport
Zingermam's Deli Bear Where


I loved trying things at Zingerman's! Thank you for doing this badge and pushing me to go downtown and try new things!!

Will all the Tasting Passport badge codes be available at the Food Tasting event? Or do we need to also visit Zingerman's itself to complete the badge?

Hello! These are totally different badges with different gamecodes. If you attend the event you will get to taste food and get gamecodes and earn a badge. But the Tasting Passport at Zingerman's Deli is it's own thing - if you want the gamecodes and that badge you will have to visit them! Thanks for playing! - erin GM

OMG - A badge that requires me to sample Zingerman's delicious food? Sign me up and a million thanks, A2SG creators!!!

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