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U-M Granted $175,000 For Japan Project

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U-M Granted $175,000 For Japan Project

Carnegie Corp. Makes Donation To Maintain Special Field Station

A gift of $175,000 to finance a field station at Okayama, Japan under the direction of the University's Center for Japanese Studies was accepted by the Board of Regents at its April meeting yesterday.

The grant, made by the Carnegie Corp. of New York, was part of the $281,770.91 in gifts approved by the regents. It will be paid in five annual installments of $35,000 each from May 1, 1952, through May 1, 1956.

The Carnegie Corp. also donated another gift, this one of $25 800 for maintenance of an Institute on the Linguistic Approach to the Teaching of Latin. The institute will a part of the 1952 and 1953 Summer Sessions and will be conducted by Waldo E. Sweet, a member of the faculty of the William Penn Charter School.

Grants Total $50,000

Two grants totaling $50,000 were made by L. J Montgomery of Battle Creek. One is for bronchial asthma research under Dr. John M. Sheldon, professor of internal medicine. The second is an addition to the Lawrence Montgomery Research Fund.

Other gifts of more than $1,000 included:

From the Michigan Gas Association, Grand Rapids, $5,500 for the association's fellowship account and $6,100 for its equipment purchase fund;

From Monsanto Chemical Co., St Louis, $3,500 for two fellowships, one in pharmaceutical chemistry and one in chemistry.

From the Westinghouse Educational Foundation, Pittsburgh, $2,000 for an electrical engineering fellowship;

From the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Co., St. Paul, $2,000 for a chemistry fellowship;

From an anonymous donor, $1,500 for the Pediatrics Assistance Fund;

From the Dow Chemical Co., Midland, $1,500 for its fellowship in chemical and metallurgical engineering;

$1,000 Donations

Donations of $1,000 came from:

The Grand Rapids Foundation, for a geriatrics research fund; the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, $1,000 for the Statistics on Poliomyelitis Fund; the William T. Morris Foundation, Inc., for the Edgar A. Kahn Neurosurgery Fund.

Dr. Norman F. Miller of Ann Arbor gave $674.99 for the Obstetrics and Gynecology Special Travel Fund, and Prof. Harley H. Bartlett of Ann Arbor sent $100 for the Asa Gray Bulletin Account.

Dr. Alexander G. Ruthven, retired U-M president, donated about 5,000 books and reprints from his collection to the Museum of Zoology. The gift will be used by the museum for gifts and exchange in building up its several divisional libraries.

The Ann Arbor Lions Club gave a 20-inch table model television set for the Polio Respiratory Center at University Hospital and $160 for the King's Daughters General Fund.