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Real Estate Transfers

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4 The real estáte transfers for the week ending June 13, were as follows: W. B. Smlth to A. A. Butter and Cheese company, land on Hiver road, Ann Arbor town Í 200 J. O. Hotoudk et al by C. C. C. to Lydia Hornung, Freedom _.. 4,000 Moses Kingsley to Chas. Williams, part of w y„s w '4 seo 26. Webster „ 1,200 B F. Balley to II. S. Pomeroy, lot at corner of Perrln-st and Forest-ftve, Ypsilanti.. 900 O. B. Hall to T. J. Smurthwait, lot 21, O. B. Hali's subd Ann Arbor, 5,00 C&rrie Rose to F. H. Belser, lot 14 block 5 s range 1 e, Ann Arbor 400 J. and C. E Ferdon to McLaughlin & Corllss, 61 7-10 acres on secs S3 and 34, Ann Arbor, 12,000 T. J. Keech to Ruth D. McKenzie, pait of lot 3 block T s of Huron st range 13 e, Land Co' add, Ann Arbor _ 8,500 D, Baublen to L. Braler, part of lots 2 and 3, Clark'sadd, Ypsilanti , 20 Jno Kreamer to John S. Foley, one acre in n e 'A a e % sec 16, Augusta 100 AlbartStuck to D, Murphy, lot 19, Stuck's add, Ypsilanti 650 E D. Bennett to D. Warner, ' .-■', interest in lot 38. Haywalt'a second add, Dexter , 100 E. Bennett to D. Warner, lot 38, Kaywall'j second add, Dexter - 150 E. E. Hendricks to E. Hendrlcks, Ypsilanti.. 1 M. G. Hill to Emma Stimson, lot 4 block 14, Congdon's second add, Chelsea 700 Jno C Goodrich to Peter Jubinvllle. lot 91 Park Ridgeadd, Ypsilanti SB G. and A. Wolter to Fred Mahlke, lot in Thompson, Moore & Thompson' add, Ann Arbor 225 J. O. Goodrich to S. V. Putnam, lot 230 Park Ridgeadd, Ypsilanti 56 J. C. Goodrich to Rachel Dort, lot 229, Park Rldge add, Ypsilanti 56 J C Goodrich to T. Q. Pardee, lot 255, Park Ridee add, Ypsilanti 60 E. M. Hastings to Alphonso Lemble, part of lot 8, Benedicta add, Ann Arbor 45 J. B. Wortley to C. S. Wortley, property on west side Huron-st, Ypsilanti 4,000 A. M. Laible to J. B. Wortley, property on west Blde Huron-st. Ypsilanti 7,000 Wm. Wortley to C. 8. Wortley, property on north line of Congress-st. Ypsilanti 3,500 Janett McMUlen to J. W. Knfght, part of lot 2, block 1 of Huron-st, range 5 e, Ann Arbor 6,000 McLaughlin & Corllst to V. C. Vaughn, lots 1, 2, 8, College Hill add, Ann Arbor 1,800 Wm. Biggs to C. A. DeForut, Iota 1, 15 and 16, Ten Brook add, Ann Arbor 2,100 Hudson T. Morton to Wm. and F. C Bljrgs, lot 1, 2, 3. 5, , 10. 11, IS, 14, 15, 16, Ten Brook add, Ann Arbor - 1,400 QÜIT .CLAIMS. Jno. S. Harrls to Albert Stuck, loU 8 and 19, Stuck's add, Yp?ilantl_ S 1 Wm. Look to First National Bank, property in Croas & Shutt's add, Ypsilanti 1 Lulu Byers to Eugene Helber, e U n w % sec 6, York : 2,260 Hale and Kelsey to Ida Colé, 4 acres in sec 35, Saline 150 A. and P. Hale to W. S. Morden, 4 acres In sec 35, Saline 125 W. 8Morden to M. Teufel, 4 acres in sec 35, Saline 125 M. H. Goodrich to J. F. Lawrence, right of way block in 1 n of Huron-st, range 5 e, Ann Arbor .. 1 A. B. Calkins to L. Hindelong, part of n e % sec 12, Sylvan 283 Lydia Hornung to Fred Lanbengayer, n e 4 ■ t and n w % s e K and n i s e lí s w % ec IS, Freedom 4.600