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It's the 2020 SUMMER GAME SHOP!

Fri, 07/17/2020 - 5:00pm by eli

What's that we see, in a previously forgotten corner of YOUR VERY FAVORITE WEBSITE?! No, not LixLox nor PhaseBook nor UNCLEMORTYSDISCOUNTMAMMOTHS.GEOCITIES.COM, we're talking about good ol' AADL.ORG! Why, it's the triumphant return of the one and only SUMMER GAME SHOP!

Due to, well, *gestures around vaguely* the Summer Game Shop is going to be a bit different than the RESPONSIVENESS and FLEXIBILITY you've become accustomed to from your Library. Yeah, it's hard for us too. But we've found a way to still have a great Summer Game Shop, get lots of GREAT STUFF into your GREAT CLOSETS and keep everybody safely DISTANT all Summer Long. SO, here's the SCOOP!


  • 18 items in the Summer Game Shop, Stock Guaranteed, All Summer Long!
  • Each player can order up to 4 things!
  • You can spend *ANY* Summer Game Points, not just SG2020 points!
  • Kids and Teens can spend their Prize Book Token on one of 36 Prize Books!
  • (Prize Books don't count as one of your 4 shop items!)
  • All orders will be ready for pickup in LATE SEPTEMBER!
  • Let's say that again, with spirit. NO ORDERS WILL BE READY UNTIL LATE SEPTEMBER!
  • We're sorry for that delay and major change, but it's necessary to make this whole thing work.
  • These 18 items are it for this summer! There will be no Classic Shop this summer.
  • We may try to have a Classic Shop this Winter, stay tuned!
  • Like always, unspent points don't expire, and will still be in your account when the next Shop opens!

ADDITIONALLY! Our process will go a lot better across the Summer if we have an early sense of how much of each item y'all are going to SNAP UP. So, to encourage you to HURRY UP AND WAIT, we are creating a very special LIMITED EDITION EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIBLE ENAMEL PIN for players who place their Shop Order in July! You won't be able to get this pin ANYWHERE ELSE! What's in the shop is what's in the shop, so MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY and place your order in July, and when it shows up in September, it will include that there LIMITED EDITION EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIBLE ENAMEL PIN! Don't miss out!

So, that's the deal! If you've got questions about any of this, post them here as comments so everyone can see the answers! If you have questions about your account or your order, just contact us and we'll help!

ALSO! Some of you sharp-eyed puzzlers might have noticed some WORDS with unusual emphasis scattered across those highly LARIOUS shop descriptions. You might think that there will be a badge puzzle based on those... and you'd be right! But stay tuned for that badge in an upcoming badge drop, and don't try to make sense of them yet. IT WILL JUST BE EMBARRASING FOR EVERYONE.

So, have at the 2020 SUMMER GAME SHOP, and as always.....



I understand we can order 4 items per player - but do all 4 need to be on one order per player? I can't make up my mind!!!

While we'd love if all 4 got ordered in July either way, it is helpful to order all 4 of your items on one order. No quantities are limited, so just decide first, then place one order! It's not a rule but it does help the process. Thanks for asking!

I am assuming the supply for the LIMITED EDITION EXCLUSIVE COLLECTIBLE ENAMEL PIN!!!! ©AADL is "LIMITED" to one per person? :) (I <3 the Summer Game, writing in all caps, and YOUR AADL PUNS, which, let's be HONEST here, are basically ALL THE SAME THING.)

Not this summer, sorry! Everything for this Summer is in the shop now. If things go well this fall and winter, we might try a Winter Classic Shop with a chance to get some older items from the mystical PRIZE VAULT, so stay tuned!

I had already decided to get the AADL 3 layer facemask, the travel sized hand sanitizer, the 6 foot distancing stick and the goggles which could be used for both Covid and science experiments. Now I'm not sure what to get!

I agree, AADL facemask was what I wanted! When I went on Wednesday to visit Josie, the best I was able to do was pin an AADL pin on my facemask.

The 6 foot distancing stick sounds AMAZING. I want that next Summer even if COVID-19 social distancing is over.

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