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Badge Drop #11: Deal or No Deal

Fri, 08/21/2020 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

This is it, folks... THE FINAL(ish) DEAL!!!

First on the agenda, we need to take a moment to give you all a round of applause. This summer we have raised the STAKES, upped the ANTE, took things UP A NOTCH, and all sorts of other idioms and you all have DELIVERED! 

BUT WE'RE NOT QUITE DONE YET! This is the last badge drop before the ever-so-coveted MASTER BADGES are released! 

This week we have an array of badges to SWEETEN the Summer Game DEAL! From DOMINOES to (chocolate) CHIPS, we've got it! 

Are you gonna PASS or PLAY?!?

Badge Drop #11

Carp TroubleYOREgasbordThe Last AirbadgerSharpest Eye of the WesBadger of HonorOne Weird Trick: The 2010s!Domino EffectChip ShapeIsland in the RoughAt the Old Ball GameArt-i-factsThe Other Bell Isle


Some of you may be asking, "Where are my badges for collecting home codes?" Well, dear player, we're saving home code badges for next summer when it's easier for everyone to go out into the world for code collecting, but we see you, Super Home Code Scorers, and we're VERY impressed! 

OH, and as always, THANKS FOR PLAYING!

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