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Books Outside the Binary

Wed, 12/02/2020 - 2:33pm by mrajraspn08

Most people have heard of transgender people, and transitioning to male and female. But what about when you're “other”? That's an option! Here are some books to present these identities to others, and to familiarize yourself with the options.

They/Them/Their is a handy guide to those just learning about nonbinary identities. It discusses some of the options and how gender isn't necessarily an either/or option.

While Born Both is about intersex people, it also is a great read for anyone who doesn't feel exactly male or female. Hida Viloria walks through her journey upon finding out she's intersex as she begins exploring all sides to this identity and becomes an advocate for those outside the binary.

Staunchly against the singular 'they'? What's Your Pronoun is a must-read, then. It talks about the history of the English language as we search for a pronoun that goes beyond he and she. (Spoiler alert: it's longer than you think.)

For runner-ups, The Toll features a nonbinary character who is never gendered, and Documenting Light features a nonbinary character who mid-book switches to using singular they. Both are great examples of how easy it can be to use less conventional gender options.

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