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Badge Drop #6: Be a STAR

Fri, 07/16/2021 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

Hey. Can we take a minute to let you in on a secret?? We here at SG Headquarters think that you are SUPERB. You are the highest FLYER. If you were a KNIGHT, you would have the shiniest armor. You’re our BEST FRIEND and our relationship will only GROW to MAMMOTH heights. 

Yeah. We went there.

We like you a lot. You? 5/5 stars. And we want to know the things that YOU, our shining STAR, like too!!! So pass out some STARS in the catalog and earn some BADGES while you’re at it! Oh!  We also have a full CONSTELLATION of other badges here for YOU too!!!!

OH! Another thing!!! If your SG Pockets are getting too full of POINTS, thank your LUCKY STAR because the SUMMER GAME SHOP opens at 6pm TONIGHT!!!! 


Foxy, Fruit FliersKnight in Shining SpacesuitThis is the PitsA Mammoth of a CaveA Best Friend LEGOExpress MaleChicken's Downtown StrollLetter Labyrinth SixMan of Many MemesGive it a GrowCrossword 6Secret Codes #6Super Star GiverMega Star GiverGiga Star GiverUltra Star GiverSupreme Star Giver


So keep shining bright, dear players, and THANKS FOR PLAYING! 


If my daughter has completed the classic summer reading game (by logging 10 books that she has finished reading and redeeming the code), should her player page show 1 book token available?

"TULIP" She is GONE! A few years ago, there was an art/canoe badge around the river. I went by many times and never paid much attention but since completing the badge and exploring those art pieces around the area, I was on notice ever since. I just discovered, that the one close to the highway, Tulip, is missing and wondered if anyone knows if those were long-term placements. PS sorry if this is pasted in the wrong area ~ :

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