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Zingerman's Summer Game Food Tasting


Thursday August 24, 2023: 1:00pm to 2:00pm  Add to Calendar /   Add to Google Calendar


Westgate Branch: Courtyard


Just one way that Zingerman's Delicatessen is playing the game with us this summer is with this unique and memorable food tasting event for the whole family. There will be a variety of food and drink to choose from, but we won't know what's being offered until the day of, so be prepared to be surprised! 

This event is in partnership with Zingerman's Delicatessen.

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And one additional question, please. There's a heat advisory for the day of this event, where heat indices are expected to reach over 100 degrees F. Will this event still take place outside as planned, or will it possibly be moved inside, due to the heat advisory that's been issued?

Sorry, this event will be happening outside, there isn't room for it inside. You can wait inside for the line if any to die down rather than waiting in line in the shade under the awning. But it will be an outdoor event, so please plan accordingly for the weather.

Hi there, we don't know exactly what they're bringing, but they usually have options for everyone. They have fried bacon at the event in the past, so the event as a whole is usually not vegan. Thanks for asking!