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Petersen Says Harvey Has Bad Memory

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Former Sheriff Gáorge A. Petersen has charged incumbent Sheriff Douglas J. Harvey with having "a bad memory" or "hoping the voters' memory is poor" regarding labor relations in his department. Harvey's denial that he is a "unron buster" is "refuted by the facts of three costly labor board hearings in which he was charged with more than 40 violations of state labor laws," Petersen said. "The findings in those hearings have needlessly cost the taxpayers many additional thousands of dollars in back pay to deputies he was ordered to reinstate. He was twice found guilty of anti-labor activities and was twice ordered to 'cease and desist' from such further activity. These are well documented and undeniable facts," Petersen said. He agreed with Harvey that Washtenaw County is not populous enough to qualify for state civil service, but said "there is nothing to prevent setting up a county regulated civil service plan except Mr. Harvey who has deelared that he wñl not have any civil service board telling him how to run his department." Petersen also said that Har- vey did encourage formation oí his first deputies' association, "but when he fouBd he could not control it he began his 'union busting' adventures by firing the four-man executive board." Both the original and a I "rival puppet association" have been "declared illegal," Petersen said. "At the present time the deputies have no bargaining agent and are not likely to get one if Mr. Harvey has his way," the former sheriff said. Petersen labeled as "not onlyi false but ridiculous" Harvey's statement that he rnstituted the first regular training program I in the department. "I wouldl like to remind him that whenl he was a deputy under my command he attended a compulsory six months intensive pólice training course conducted under the drrection of then prosecuting attorney William Ager, and Lt. Charles Cook, my training officer," he said. I