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Farm Insurance In Germany

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"Nothing is more remarkable," said Mr. Conried Moliter, "to a Germán whc is now an American citizen than to notice the change in political affairs whicb he finds on revisiting his native land af ter even the lapse of a decade." Mr. Moliter is a merchant of Salt Lakt City, U. T., and a mining engineer by profession. He had just returned from a visit to his native land, and is loud ir bis praise of the young emperor. "The emperor," he continued, "has started in to reverse the old Bismarcfc regime. His latest step has been the introduction of a state Bystem of insuranee for the live stock of farmers. In every commnne or township where onehalf of all the farmers desire insurance it becomes obligatory on all the rest te avail themselves of the law. The sum paid for loss is to be seven-tenths oi their valué for dead animáis, and eighttenths of the value for such as are killed because they have contracted disease 01 endanger the eafety of the rest. The premiums are fixed at 1 per cent. of the value of the animáis insured. The state makes a free gift of $10,000 per annum to the insurance fund, but shonld the ïosses exceed this sum, together with the Jimount of the premiums, then the premiums are to be raised three-quarters oi 1 per cent . , and if this does not suffice the state agrees to tnake good the deficiency. The whole écheme will be directed from Berlín, where thero will be a central insurance bureau, governed by directors appointed by the government. This bureau will control the local olïicers, receive the premiums and pav the losses.