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Laxsixg, Mich., March 5 - After a long struggle the seuate yesterday decided to censure Superintendent Newkirk for allowing Nellie Griffin to be taken away from the Coldwater school by Murderer Canfield, and to leave the matter of retaining him as superintendent with the board of managers. He will undoubtedly be retained. Five Democrats voted with the Republicans in favor of censure. Last night both branches of the legislature held memorial exercises in honor of Gen. Sherman and Admiral Porter. Lansing, Mich., Marcho.- After asharp debate of great length yesterday the senate by a vote of 24 to 14 failed to pass the bilí granting municipal suffrage to women. The vote was reconsiderad, and another attempt will be made to pass the measure when the five senators who were absent return. It lacked only three votes ofthenumber necessary to pass it. The bill repealing the Baker conspiracy law failed by one vote of passing the house. Many members were absent. LÍnsing, Mich., March 11.- The senate and house committees have agreed on the waiersity appropriation bill and favorably reported it yesterday. It is reported that a Petoskey Indian squaw has arrived here and alleges that Senator Friedlander, who was one of the men seated when the Democrats got possession of the senate, married her early in the '50's, then deserted her and married" again. It is the purpose of the Republicans, so it is stated, to have Friedlander arrested and while he is away to recover possession of the senate. Sensational Arrest at Lansing. Lansikg, Mich., March 9.- All Lansing was stirred up Saturday wheu Thomas M. Wilson was arrrsted on a warrant co'ntaining six counts, charging him with enioezzlement of state funds. ■ He has for fourteen years been a meinber of the state board of auditors.and the charges contain amounts aggregating $1,550, the peculation extending back over a period of two years. The charge is that he has collected the rent on a building owned by the state and not turned it over to the treasury. He confessed to having appropriated $1,200, and said he could make it good if given flve hours, bnt the officers declined the proposition, and he waived examination, and was held in bail. He is 72 years old. Miners at Ishpeming Locked Out. ISHPEMING, Mich., March 10.- Two hundred and fifty miners at the Lake shaft of the Cleveland mine are locked out. They wished to start from their work in the mine at 5:45, taking fifteen minutes to climb the ladders, change their clothes, and wash themselves. Capt. Frank P. Mills, the superintendent, denied the men this privilege, but they insisted on coming up en Saturday night, and were ordered not to o to work yesterday morning. They insisted on a hearing and a conference will be held. Run Down by a Train. Lansing, Mich., March 9.- William McLaughlin and bis son were instantly killed and Mrs. McLaughlin fatally injured by a Grand Trunk passenger train near Shaftsburg. The family was driving home from a Sunday visit to a relative's. They did not see the approaching train and drove fairly in front of it. The train was going at a terrific speed. The engine struck the rig between the wheels and threw it into the air. Both father and son were dead when the train was stopped, and the mother can not recover. The ScvciitH Ihiy Adventista. Battle Creek, Mich., March 10.- At the meeting of the Seventh Day Adventists' general conference a memorial was presented fiom the church in Washington requesting that a building be erected at that place that might be headquarters for the religious liberty work oL the denominatiou. The conference has decided to establish a college in the northwest, either at Walla Walla or Spokane Falls. Dudley Hall & Co., Boston tea importers, have failed for $400,000.