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Dr. F. M. Oakley, of Ypsilanti, died yesterday. A new M. E. church building is talked of in Ypsilanti. Frank E. Jewell, of Dexter, has been admitted to the bar. It cost Grass Lake last year just f1,232.25 to put on city airs. WilmotRichmond,of Stockbridge, will move to this city about April ist. The Southern Washtenaw farmers' club meets at J. P. Lapham's April 3rd. There were four persons at .work in the stone yard yesterday afternoon. Rev. Mr. Gelston filled the pulpit of Westminster church, Detroit, Sunday. ' C. T. Hoover and ■ Miss Mary Goodyear will be married in Chelsea to-morrow. If Ypsilanti gets a new shoe factory, her citizens will have to take #15,000 stock. Rev. Mr. Wetmore will move into his new house on West Huron street this week. Ypsilanti town will vote upon the question of building an $800 town hall this spring. Capt. Bortle, of the Franklin House, has been granted a pension of $30 a month. Rev. Mr. Wetmore supplied the pulpit of the Presbyterian church, Sunday morning. A small fire in the boiler room last Wednesday, damaged the Manchester brewery $150. Ypsilanti has an opportunity to obtain a large tannery providing she builds a building for it. Manchester village expenses last year were $ i , 7 68 . 84, of which $ 60 1 . o 1 were for street purposes. Gottlob Elle and Mrs. Verónica Baechlte were married by Rev. John Neumann last Thursday evening. Peter Weinett, of Saline, has invented an iron post for wire fences which is quite a valuable invention. The Northfield farmer who advertised a farm to rent in ourWant columns, is requested to cali at this office. Charles Mason was fined #5 and $5 costs, Friday, for being drunk, in default of which he was given ten days in jail. Jacob Luckhart, of Lodi, was kicked in the face by a horse last week. His chin was cut and one tooth knocked out. The fire department was called out by a small fire in the house of Job Marshall, on Jefferson street, Saturday afternoon. J. R. Bach, agent of the Traveller's Insurance Company, paid Dr. Kapp $60 accident insurance, yesterday, for a sprained wrist. The city has to provide polling places in the first, second and third wards this year. New places must be selected in the first and third wards. J. W. Maynard Esq., one of our veteran grocerymen, is down with the grippe but he will overeóme it in a few days and be able to answer roll cali. The committee on municipal corporations in the house at Lansing, wiil give a hearing on the amend. ments to the Ann Arbor city charter to-morrow. Mr. Rockwell, lately a partner of Henry Matthews, and a very popular butcher, will, about the first of April, commence business for himself at No. 8 West Liberty street. William Mass was sent to jail for fifteen days by Justice Crane, of Dexter, last Thursday, for vagrancy, in default of paying $15 fine and costs. It costs to be a vagrant in Dexter. All interested in the cause of labor, and especially as to the advisability of adopting the nine-hour day, should attend the open meeting of the carpenters, at their hall, this evening at eight o'clock. Father Kelly, of Dexter, will preach at St. Thomas church, tomorrow evening. He is acknowledged to be the peer of any orators in the state and a rich treat is in store for all. The lecture is free. One of the much abused Ann Arbor boarding house keepers furnished her boarders with fresh strawberries last week, and strawberry shortcake, too. What boarding house keepers in other cities can beat that ? Rev. Wm. V. Kelly, D. D., of Brooklyn, N. Y., will deliver an address before the Wesleyan Guild on Sunday evening, March 2 2d, at the M. E. church. Dr. Kelly has the reputation of being an eloquent speaker. The Wesleyan Guild announce the followingaddresses whichwill be delivered at the M. E. church on the Sunday evenings of the dates mentioned: Rev. Wm. V. Kelly, D. D., March 22; Bishop C. D. Foss, May 3; Rev. L. T. Townsend, D.D., May 17. Saline last week elected S. D. VanDuzer, president: L. L. Kilby, clerk; Mart Reynolds, treasurer; John Gillen, assessor; Jacob Sturm, John McKinnon, and Anson Harmon, trustees; M. D. Wallace, street commissioner; Fred Jerry, marshal. Only one ticket was in the field. The Barton House, in Ypsilanti, was greatly damaged by fire, Sunday afternoon. The fire caught in the kitchen and quickly spread. The fire department, however, got it under control and saved the hotel. The loss on the building was $2,000 fully covered by insurance. About $ 1,000 worth of furniture was destroyed, much of it in removing. The Union Temperance meeting at the Unitarian church, Sunday afternoon, was largely attended. The meeting was addressed by Rev. Sunderland, Lawyer Sessions, W. K. Childs and the Rev. Bradshaw. The speakers favored placing a citizens' ticket in the field at the Ann Arbor spring election. The meeting next Sunday will be held at the Presbyterian church. Manchester had two tickets in the field last week and 272 votes were cast, Union and Young Men's and, People's. The Union ticket was successful by from 7 to 24 majority, excepting on clerk. The officers elected were: President, Amariah Conklin; trustees, William Koebbe ; M. B. Wallace, John Dresselhouse; clerk, Charles E. Lewis; treasurer, John Kensler; assessor, Horatio Burch; street commissioner, John Haag; constable, Horace Wisner.