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Gibraltar, March 18.- The British Bteamship Utopia, from Italian port3 bonnd for New York, with 700 Italiaa emigrants aboard, collided yesterday with the British irou-clad Rodney, anchored in Gibraltar bay, and sank soon after off Kagged Stalï. A southwest gale was blowiug at th6 time of the coilision. Many women and children were drowned. A large uumber clinging tothe rigging have been rescued by the boats from the Channel's squadron. The Utopia sank quickly. Two hundred passengers were drowned, and 180 were rescued by ships in the harbor. The Utopia carried eruigrants from Trieste, Austria; Catania, Naples, and other ports. Wild Rush for the Boats. When the collision occurred a terrible panic ensued, and there was a vrild rush for the boats, and women and children were ruthlessly trampled down by the men, who fought like demons. Many were drowned while trying to enter the boats, which were dashed violently against the sides of the sinking ship by the huge waves. The Utopia sank in comparatively shallow water, and thse who had taken refuge in the rigging were all saved. SNOW SLIDE AND AVALANCHE. Three More Men Buried in Colorado - Avalanche at Kansas City. Crested Bütte, Colo., March 18. - Another snow slide horror was reported yesterday morning. This time it is the Eureka mine on Treasury mouutain. Charlas Devine, J. C. McQuarrie and Joseph McCullough, the entire force on the mine, were killed and their bodies are covered by the snow. S. C. Bobinson, who is having the property worked, went up tliere Monday from here and found the cabin locked up and in good shape, but the men were gone and the supposition is that they had started to come down. It is not known when tney were killed or where to look for the bodies, and it is not at all unlikely that their remains will stay under the snow until the bare ground in the summer reveáis them. A Kansas City Bluff TumblesKansas City, March 18. - Thera was a land slide at an early hour yesterday at the high bluffs opposite Eighteenthstreet, between Mercier and ïerrace streets, which buried three houses and Frank Fuga, a six-year-old boy, in one of them. He was dug out alive but sullering from severe bruises. Other inmates of the houses were warned by a letter carrier and fled in time to escape injury. The section which feil was 100 feet in length. forty feet wide and about twenty feet in depth. It tumbled down upon a block of frame buildings and reduced to debris the buildings at 1,881 and 1,883 Terrace street,' and completely hid the wreckage. FATAL F1RE NEAR PITTSBURG. Five Persons Terribly Scorched, Three of Whom Will Die. PittsbüEG, March 18. - A fire attended with serious consequences occurred in Wasser's row of tenement houses in Eden alley, Lawrenceville, about midnight Monday. The following persons were seriously burned: David Kupperman, aged 47, burnetl about the face and arms; condition critical. Mrs. Rachel Kupperman, aged 37, fatally burned. Simón Kupperman, aged 17; will die. Trico Kupperman, aged 2; condition critical. Infant child, 4 weeks oíd; will die. But for the cry oL an infant in the burning house overheard by a fireman alt would have been cremated, and it was with great difficulty, and by the heroic efforts of the firemen, that such a disaster was averted.