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ANTI-SLAVERYALMANACS FOR 1342- j ust received and for sale at this office. Price 6 cents single; SljOO per dozen. Ani) Arbor, Pee 22, 1841. GODEY'S LADY'S BOOK, FOR 1S42. The most splendid and valuable Monthly PerioiJical ever publislicd. The only magnzine devoted to Ladies and conducted by members of their own sex. Compused entirely of original anieles, by the most nent writera of the age; and emüllished witli a largr number and a greater variery of costly, elegant and attractive pictorialijlustrations, tlian any similar publicación. ED1TED BY Mrs. Sarah J. Hale, Morton M'Michael, Mrs. L, H, Sigourney,L. A. Godey. CONTftlBUTORS TO KACU NUMBRR. Miss. C.M. Sedgwick, N. P. Willis, Miss E. LesÜe, Mrs.C. Leo Henez, Mrs. E. C. Embury, T. S.Arthur, Theodore S. Fay, Mrs. E. F. Ellur. In announcing to his numerous patrons and tin; public at large, his arrangernents for the year 1842, the proprietor of Gudey's Lady's Book, takos occasion to acktiowl- eoge the unparalleled nul triumphant 6uccess jf his Magazine, which has novv reaclied the extraorclmary number ot'forty thousand monthly; being a larger editiun than has ever been printed of uny other worl; of any description in America. This sneess he ia aware has been allained ly th; vast superiurity which the Lady's BooU hnn nlwnys maintained over thecontemporury magazines which have ntlempled to rival its inerits, a superiority which he is etill determined to preserve by keeping ir, in all its departments lilerary, inVellectual and moral, as well as pictorial, emblematic, arli6tic, and mechanical. That thiá is no idle boast, lic appeals to the experience of the past twelve yeara, in all wluch time, he has made no promise to the public which he has not strictly performed, nor underiaken, anylhing which his means did not enabïe hím lo accomplish to the utmost. Entering, as he is about to do, on the 24th Volume of the Lady's Book, with increased energy and accumulated resources :with an ampie knowledge of the business in which he is engaged, acquired by Jong years of unremitted application: with a subscription list unparalleled in the nnnals of literalure; with numerous facilities not possessed by any olher' publishcr; with welldigested and widcextended argumente; and above all, with a atoadfast purpose of maintaining the lofty elevatioii his work has reaclied, the proprietor has not hesitated to incur exponses, wluch under other ciruoi slances might prove etartling, but by mean of which he will be enabled to make tlie Lady's Book, tho richest, the, the must attractive, and the most valuabïe periódica!, intrinsical and extrinsically, ever ufl'eied to the American public. Literary Düpartmesit. - It has ever been the aim of the proprietor to impart to tho Lady's Book a high lilerary and moral tone, and for this purpoee he haf, without regard to cost, procured the aid ot' the most eminent writer6 and, for 6everal years past, has commilted its editorial supervisión to Mrs. J. Hale, Mrs. Lydia H. Sigourney,and Miss E. Lesüe, ladies of whom not only their own sox, bui the whole country, havo reason to be nroud. In this respect, tho Lady's Book enjoys a decided ndvnntage over all other publicRtions, as it is ihe only work devoted to ladies, ladiee derive an ad vantage which must bo obviou3 to every parent, Itusband, brother, and well as to every lady who properly appreciates the diguity and importance of her aex. - To adu to its 6upenority in thia particular the proprietor has secured inaddition to the ladies already mentioned, the invaluable services of Miss C. M. Sedgewick, au' hor of Redwood, Clareuce, Letters from England, êic. &.C. ; a writer, whose efforts in raising the intellectuai standard of her sex, and the true rights of woman.nut less than her richly-gifted intellect and varied informalion, have gained her a reputation as wide as it will be enduring. He has also made arrangements, by which, besides regrular contributior.s from Mrs. F. C. Embury, Mrs. H. B. Stowe, Mrs. F. S. Osgood, Mrs. S. Smith, Mr6. M. H. Paraons, Mrs. J. Thayer, Mrs, A. M.F. Annao, Mrd. L.iJenlz, Mrs. E. F. Ellet, Mra. E. C. Scdman Mrs. Dupuy. Mrs. M. Duncan, Mrs. V. E. Howard, Mrs. M. St. Loud, Miss E, Allen MrsC.H.W.Esling Mrs. S. E. Parley, Miss M, B. Snow, Miss E. Leslie, Kate Franklin. Ho will be enabled to furnish articles from Maria Edgworth, Mrs. S. C. Hall, Mary R. Milford, Mrs Hofland, Mrs. C. B.Wilson, Mary Hovvitt, and other English lady-writers of distinction, 6ome of whom have already published in the Lady's Book the only original contributions lliey have ever made to American literature. Nor has he omitted to pro cure the assistance of eminent wrilers of both sex. Aware of the universal and well deserved popularity of N. P' Willis, Esq.; and confident that tho product ions of üis gracefuland elegant pen will be highly accepiable to the readers of the Lady's Book, the proprietor has entered jeto an arrangecnen.t, by which he will be ablc to give in each nutnber of his work an exclusive article from the gentleman; and ho has also retainall of the contiibutors whose writings havo ncreiofore given bucIi ampie satisfaction in cluding Epes Sargeut, W. G. Simms, Esq. Goo. P. Morris, Professor Ingraham, Jos. R. Chandler, Professor Dimitry, Robert Morris, Professor Frost, Finy Earle, M. D. Professor Walter, N. C. Brooks, A. M. Park Benjamin, Esq. E. Halden, R. S. Maclcenzie, A. M'Makin, T. S. Author, Esq. L. F. Tasiatro, H. W. Herbert, Rufus Dawes, C. Neal, E. G. Squier, Hon.R. T. Conrad, J. M'Lellan, Jr. Dr. J. K. Mitchell, Jas. Aidricli. With such aid, it is not too much to say, that the Literary Department of ihe Lady's Book will surpas3 any thing that has ever been orean be attempted. Ornamental Department.- Tt ia a source of no little pride to the Proprietor of the Lady's Book, that he first introduced into this country the plan of furnishing, along witha monlhly periodlcal of elegant literature, embellishinents of an attractive and costly character. The first eteel engravings nccompanying such a work were given by him; the first mozzotint engraving was givenby hiui; the first patteins of Jacc-wcrk and embroidery ere givcn by liim; the h'rst col01 ed pktes of fashion were given by Jiim; tho first music was giveo by him. These aro things to which he would not refer, ifsome of those who have esssyed to follow in his footstepe, uot content with imitating n!l his designs, even to the foren of his book, the sizo of his type, and tho color of his cover, had not fooiisliJy put forward claims to orig. nality, and attempted to found a right to an exclusive merit on doing that which they have borrowed from lita example. But what he has done heretofore in the way of embdiishments to his Book, though it far exceeded any eiTort f those who strove to copy his uioveinente, cannot comparo with what henow means to do. íiis arrangements for thia depitrtment ofhis vvork have been projeeted on the tnost liberal scale of expenditure, involviD an extent of outlay such as has never bcfoie been dreamed of in ony periodical, European or American. As on oidence of his intentions, hc now states thnt oach numberof the Lady's Book for the ensung year, will cotuain at least three splendid engravmgs; embrncing in ihe series every possible vanety of subjecle. Historial, Landscape, Picturesque, Portraiture, Imaginativo and Emblemática!, and executed ia every posaible variety of the art; tnezzotint, lino ond rnezzotint, stipple, mednlion, and thnt tnost cbasli; and expresaive manner, the line anti dot cornbincd, which has given euch worltl widc celebrity to the worka of modern artista. Splendidly colored platps of the fashions, will also begivon every montb, containing at least four female figures, and embodyinr ín every instaoco the latesl costumes, recciv3d directly from a correspondent at Paris. In order to give tlie gratest attracliveness Lo the subjects of his oinbellishmenls, the Proprietor has given orders to various American Pninters, of established reputation,who ire now engaged in preparing expressly for ihe Lady's Jíook,numerous original pictures, on National and Historical evenls, some of which are nearly coinpleted, and soon will Ito in the hands of tho engraver. Among tüe painters thus eDgaged lip may enumeiate J G Ctiapmon, Painter of Ihe National Pioture of the Baptism of Pocahontas. PFRothermel, J P Frankenstein, S S Osgood,o 2?osU Williams, Sic. He bas aluo established a correspondence in London, through which ho will receive early proof impressions of the finest priuts txucnted in that metropolis, and will thus be constantly supplied with an immense vanety from which to ruako Buitable seleclions as wel! as a series of pictorial illustratiuns of Shakespeare; two of which, Anna Page ftnd Vlaater Slunder by Leslie, and Katharine and Petruchio, ly Cattcrmole, and are now nearly ready. Among the subjects at present in preparation for the Lady's Book, may be nientioned Morning Dcvotion and Evening Devotion, - twn superb pictures of doniestic piety; the Eflects of Induslry and the Effects of Idleness, - admirable illustrationa of great moral truths; The Old Soldier and his Family, a beautiful transcript of patriotic feclings; several of Sir David Wilkie'a moat valued compositions. Dcpartingfor the Fair and Uclurning from market, - charming specirneiiB of rural lifu;Thc Viilage Amanuensis, Fortune Telling; The Secret Discovered, The Maiden'8 ;iiamber, The Elopement of Bianca Capella, Scc kc; ond Edwin Landsecr's Jast and greatest production. Youthful Innocence, of which the only copy in the country is that which belongs to the proprietor. Deterrained to gratify every possible variety of taste, Ihe proprietor hae also made arrangements for a series of the most euperb Slezzoiints ever executed in thiscounrtry, severel of which are already engraved, and will be 'given to his subdcribers, ae soon as a sufficieiit number of impressions can be taken to supply his immense edition. Besidos tho services of H . S. Sadp, of New York, who haa ncw in liRnd a number ot plates, the proprietor has secured the services of Mr. Uumphret's ot iiondotuwho is universaily conceded to stand in ihe foremost rank of English Engravere, and whoso splendid eiforts in mezzotint have commanded the adrairaticn of tho moet disliuguished amateurs and critics. Thia eminent artist ia now engaged in prepariDg expressly for tho Lady's Book, a number of mezzotint pictures, which. the proprietor pledges himself wi.l bo of an unsurpassed excellence; and of the most interesting and atlraclive snbjects. Business Department. - The price of this publicalion is three dollars per nnnum - two copies, one year, in advance,7ve dollars. Addrees L A. G0DEY, lol Chesnut streel, Philadelphia. ROCHESTER CITY STORE; Four Story Brick Store, Arm Arbor, (Lower Filia ge.) THIS DAY REOEIVED. &&4n& Pieces Beaver U Broad Clölha m%W írom 18S to S7.00 20 " Cadet Broad Clotbs from 12 to I6s. 30 " Satinett &Sheeps Grey " 4 " 12 40 "Fr. Eng. fc Ger. Moreno" 44d. 12?. 40 " Saxony Si Muslin DeLanes löd. 5. 200 " Fr. Eng. & Arm-r. Calicó 8 to 3ld. 10 " Ladies Cambiéis d'ble widths 5 to 7a. Silks and Lnce Good?, RibboijH, Silk shawls, Silk Mantillae.Drees ShawlBjGloves and Hosiers; with a fuil nssortment of all kinds of Dry Goods, all of which the public are respeelfully invited to cali and examine, and ihey will then be convinccd tnni they can buv Dry Goodg as chenpat the Roche-lor Cil'y Store, as they can in ony Eastor City or Village. ALSO, READY MADE COATS, (Temado in the lalest style.. A. PARDEE, Agent. Ann ArboiyNov. L8} 1841. ; CLOTH DRESSING? THE subscibers respectfuüy announcO to the citizensof Atm Arbor and vicinUy ,hat they are prepare to dress a few hun dred pieces of cloth m Ihe beet stylc, and on the shortest notice. Kaving Rnod ma chinery, experienced workmen, and long oractice in the businesB.tbey have me utmoai confidenco thatihey shall give complete sat isfaction to their cnetomers. Seud on your cloth without '■% BRCKLEY, to co. Ann, Arbor, Pee. 1841. 84lt BLANKSofcvery description neatlj exocuted at this ofBce. MORTGAGE SALE. EFAULT havmg boen mado in the IjËj pnyir.eni ofa certain sum of money, eécured by indeniure of mortgage. executed by iíarncy Dayanny to Jacob L. Larzelere and Georgc B. Daniels, dated, 3 uly the 21st, A. D. 1837, and recorded in the registci's ollico in the eounty ol Wash-: lenaw, Uicliigan, on the U81I1 day of August, in the ycar of our Lyrd one ihousand ei 3 j t h'undred and thirty-seven, :n liber iive of inortgnges at pago two Imndfi d and i'iglity-tliree, wiicrcon ia duo at the date of , this nolice uvo hundred and eiglit doilars and íoriy loor cents, whicl said inortgagej lias been duly assigoed to tlio subsciibur. j Noüce ia ihorclorc liereby giycn liiat on i Thursday t!ic tliird day of F bniary nexf, al j (me o'clock, r. m-, at i de Conri House in Uk; vil lage of Ann Arbor, in ü;c epuöly of Washlena,w, wül be told at public uuctiun the prcmiscs in eaid mortgne described, beJflg%11 tliat certain pioce or pared oí" land ( sitúate in the counly ol', Slüle' of Aichiga' and bóundud and (ie.-crüicd as füllowi: il boing tlio west fí'áVf oftlië soujjir west (juiii'.cr ot' section number seven, in township iiiituber onc soutli of riirgemnnber four cast, containing ciglity one and ! ly one htimlredtii acres of 'hnitj. FRAiCIS M'GQMN, Assignöfju L. il. Uf.ïVüïT, Attoro. Datcd Nov. lst 1GÜ. TIIRESHING MACHINES, HOUSE POWER, MILLS, Sec. PTTIIE undersigacd aro mnnnfaciuringand J_ vi)l kec) contt;intly'!on liand at thuir shop uvo and a hall ni!es west of Ann Arhor, noar i lic Rail Iload, UORSE POWi ERS ciüTÜREÜlIiKG MAUUINICS.- The horse power is a new invention by S. V. Fostkr, and is d.cidedly superior to any thing of Ihe kind cer bol'orc ollered to tlio Public. The pnce ofa Four Ilorse Póioer, willi a good Threshing Machine is l'dO dolhrs, r.t the shop; without tiio Machine, nincly dollars. Tiiose Uorse Powers can be ust.-d with twn, thrcu or fuur hordes to gpöl idvantiigo. Threo men with iwo horscö, can ihrösh one huudreu büsheia ofwlieat per day (ifi! yields midtiüng woll,) uid it wiil not bí hará worlt ior the bórsesT. hu. Ilorse Power and Tkrcihcr can both be put in a coiüinon vvriggbri box, qttcl drawn iny disl.tncc by two horses. The Two Ilorse Power will be sold at tjiu shop, wnh the Tkrcvhcr íbr ene liúnt'rej] (IIIíiib; without the 'i'hrcshc}; íbr Süven'y-íive dollars. 'Plu-y liso manufacture STRAW CUTTEliS.j receñí ly invented by S. V. Fostku, wiiich are décídedly prcíurable lo tny pthers for cuttinff straw or cuín slajks, by horse or water jio-.ver. They a!so werk l4y hand. - Price ílliecn doliarí. - AL?O- CAST-IRON AJILLtí for grinding provender, at the raie of'six to oighl buoíu:Js per iiour, with tvvo hprses or by water. _..i,o- CTSiUT MACHINES of superior conptiuction. Invented by S. V. Fosteu. - Piice, sixty dollars. S. W. FOSTER, k Co. Scio, June 2á, lííil. lü-lyIN ATTaOILUENT. In ftttachméuj, before C. W. Lane Just!CC. Wüüam Spcrry. 1 vs. Washtcnaw county, se. Carlos Joslin, } fDN attaihment htfving issuod in the js) aboye eiHitled cause, and liic ' (kuil nol ha'yih g áppéared ai tlie return ihereof; nol Fee is theruibrè hereby given lliat the s:tid canso canse s cónlmued ö llic I'btli day of. NüVt mber nc;l, at une o'doc!; in llie afu-rnoon, al llie olüce of iln: sik' justicc in llic villagc of Ypsilnnn, in soid couniy. WILLIAM SPEFJIY. Augcst 4, 1 G4 1 . 27-4v TAKKN UP BY tho snlvscribor, living i:i ihe town of; Green Oak, Livingston County, on the 5 li of Octubi.r, insf.. a daik brown stccr, tvvö ycars olii ; no otbcr, maiks per-, Cfivabtó. Tlio )erson, owning such steer, wilL como Ibruard, prove proj)cny, pay chargés arxi inkc hun away, oibcrwisc he wiil be disposed of accor!ÍMr to liw. JOHN MÓNAHAN. ! Green Oak, Oct. 12, lö4I. TAir-OlíING LÜShNEáS! AM. NOBLK, would rcspectfnlly in furin lbo ci'.izcns. of Ann Arbor and ils viciniíy, Iliat be lies recciilly oponed ja shop in the Lowcr Town, iinnictliaU'ly over llie late nieicantn'c stand of Ltind S,' Gibaq.n, and opposke llie slio etorc of J. IV-cklcy, fc Co., vvlierc lie is prepardd at all times lo do work in bis line, wilb pronip.tncssj.ai1d iu a neat and durubli; marnier. Particular attcniion wül bc paid tocutling garmerifs. Produce ivill be taken at the usual prices, for work done ot hisshop. - Tl)OS.e wlio have cash to pay for services of, Ibis kind, are particular invited to ca!l. Ann Arbor, Octobtr G, 1341. tf NEW GOODS. A GGOD assortmentof inost kinds of1 -.LGood-i ibal are ireëded are now opcn-l ed and rcady for display or sale, ot the store I fönqerly occupled (y DegmJJ'iz. TovmsendA in Aan Arbor, (Upper Town,) which w i 1 1 1 ■ c ! sold to those wlo wis!i to buy and pay moiu?y or alinusL any liJüd of' Product1, by F. DENÍSON. Ann Arirpt-, Nov. 17, Ic4l. SOtf JV. B. Nul knowing llie pneps at which Goods are sold in this región, { must rerjucst tliosc who 'vish to fennw if thcy are cheap to j cali and examine íbr Uiemöelves. Porl:,, fFlical and JJulltr are taken in exchangu for ' goode end at fair priecs. F. D. WW ECK1 VED in payment tor Jub work, ! Advertisinj and Siitiscriptions tollie i "ííiu.val of Liuuivvï," if delirered at the Í Oliici', immcdiately over the Sfm? of J Beckley, fc Co. kpri 28. i DYE STLTFF'ö7" INDIGO, bladder, Alum, Copera?, k.e. lor eule cheap ut Ann Arhor, (Upper Town,) by F. DENISON. Ann Arbor, Muy 12, 1841. rUKLISHKD AT DETROIT, S1ICH. I ( Tlic Stcond Volume of t!)e Western L mr wifl commence on the first of Junuary, ( next. The encourugement extended to the Qrst volume, and the prospect of' increnseil patronage, wil! cnablo the publisher to presL'iit the riexi -volunto with new type} Uettér paper, and embellished occasionally vvitli I gráviñgs. Tho pubiithcr would add, ihat the Editorial Department will bo undor llie direction of 13ela llubbard, E$q , of the State Geolcicnl Department, and wnose interest" ing and vahsable conimunieations in the first volninc, and familiar to the public. It is debignet! to maice thid volume of tlie ! Farmer iïrst and chiefly, a incdinin of municauen arnong the Farmers ol'the West, I of their irws and r.vpi-ii-.nee, and a ! inntor orusel'ul knowlecigi; on the.sijl]éct of Agífcúlíuce - the most ilsefnl and hoiiörablo j ot all occupation-5. In additioh, it i ed to dt voie soine portion of iU: po per to sucli otlior General lntolllgunce and ! ture as mny be read witli profit ai every fi reside in the State. We proposo, aiso, to l'nrnish ir.uch Stutislical and olher ' tion, tiiat will render our popor usefu! to thé gen'erèl reader, and valuablu for futuro i encc IS'o St;ito is more fortunately situated for ngrioult uro; yet thoro is nut a papal" in Michigan, ours excepted, which d even ' thlly devoted to the Fürrner's interests. - The rest are goytrne,d 1)V party po'liticá. - Our paper iy, by fur, the cluMtpeat pnblijlied in tho Slato; and witli tltesupporl wc promise o'orèelvös, we hope to maifo it tliebcsl. Faumi:us oi" JMiciiigan! 5a,U0O in number, and friends ot' Agriculluro n the West! iu view of these ficts, we ask yoür aid to sustain us liiroug!) a socond volume. One dollai aye;ir, payablein ulvance; one dollar and fifiy centa ifpaid witlnn six mo's or two dollars ifn'dt p;iid until tho expiralion of six inoiitlis. No subëerfpiióri will be considered in odvancc nniess paid ac thu time of svjbscribinf. Auy porson ho will forward us tl'.e ñames of Gve suhscribers and fivo dollars in cash, will Be entitied to the eisth cpny gratis. Persons actiüg ns ngents, will please forward the namea of sucli eubsciibc-rs as ihey may obtaia, as soon as praciienbio. - In do case, wijl the Farmer be sent to cuy öubscribers who is iu arrears for the üvel voí! urne. íáubscrib-ors' nmnes, and icniití, íf handcd to Post Maslers cun be l'or.vardod free of Postáge. All ieUers must be addressed (iïee of post paid) to the pybrishev'. B. P. AÍJMSTÍIO.NG. Dofroir, Mie!)., Nov. ÖClh, lull. WHICH SELLS IS T!l!3) COUNTRY FOK $18 TO S25 PBB COPY. Every man, tcoman and child in ihc I led States, ivho posscss a BiUe, ivill surely furnia h Ihemiulves wilk the jülluwing btauliful series of Script ure ilUiïlralicns. riCTOIilAi. ILLÜST,RATIÖ5V.B OF TUR OÍBLE, AND VIKT.V OF TIIR II O L Y LAND. JYeto. dienp and vuluahle publicalion. - Four hnndred pages, i vo. fine papcrjiondsomel: bound. Price ordij TiVO DOL LAlïS. The suliseriber ïespectfully inviies the aüeniion of Clergynipn, Teachers of Sfibhntli Schoofs; licotls" of Families .mul JBpbkséllera Ihronn-hout Uie Oüited tatos, to IheabovcNcvv, Qiieap and ep!cndkl!y llliit,Iratcu vvork. Publishcil md for sale at No. ]Z2, .assan ftreet, New York city. lts features are better definí cl by iLc title: - Tico hundred Piciorial Illuslraiions of the ecRirruacs, co.nsistikg ofVIEWS IN THE HOLY LAND; Togclher with imny of the most romarkable objücts rneiitionod in the oltl tind-new testament?, Föjïfe&enting sacred historical events, cöpiöd Irom celebratöd pictures, princiafly by the old maaiers, the landscape scènes-, taken from original sketches made on the spot, with lul! iiiid iiilerestiüg Ietlcr.prefce dëscriptiohs; 'devoted toan cxamination of tlio objecis mentiohed in tlie sacred text. Ou cxaininaiion this wili he found a very pléasjtnt and pfuiHabïei book, espeaaliy for the peiusal ofVuLWG pEoyi.B, ulioundui in llie must. vaJaahic iiiCormation, colltctcd vvith grrat care, t'ruin ll:c host an(! latcst sources. i iiüiy , vcry pr ■p-r!y, be dcsignuled a comino place büok t'.r cvery ihing valu&ble roIatíüg lo oriental uianners, c-usioms. kcnud comprises witljin lUelf a coippletc libiary of rt-ügiuus and nsoful ktioulcdge. A volume liko tlft; present:, is fur superior lo the common Annuais - ;t wiii ncver be out of dalo. It ia bcüutifuliy uintrd in new long prmier type- liandsoiiic:!y boiind in Muslin, g'iit.and Icltered; and ïs (l.c:dcdly,t!ie best and choapest publicaUon (tor ihc price,) ever iseucd iVom thi; American Prrss. DCThe u!)nve w-ttk niay be had ut the Book store of Dea. Chas. Mosely, one door west of the ctte House, Aun Arbor. A liuLTul discount made to wiiulesalu purcliaèerp. Persons in the country, wishinjr to net asagénts, may obtain a;i the neceasflty '' ibrmation, by addf esing their letters lo the subticriber, No. JL2, Nnssau etreet, N. Y. ROiiVAi. V SEÁRS-, Publisher. Clergymen, and Teacliers oi s;;libat!i schoolt--, agente oi' rcl:gioi!s ireyspapcr,e and pcnotlicals,postnas!e:3 and hook;oliers, tlirouhuut the country, ure respoctfnlly reqursted to netas our ágenls. No letter ai!l be takcu from thu ofiice uulesá post paid. To Publi.shcrs óf Papers throughoul the lailrd .Scirs.- Nevvsjiapersor Alögaèibesi copyipg tlie ab.ove nntirc without at"y allcratiou or abridffrm. nt (including this notice,) and gi'vïng i 12 insidc insertiun?, eball rt-civL' a cepy oí the work, (uLject to their order, ) by sendinr directioiiá to the Publisher; 29 -I3w CASH FOK WI-ÏLÏAT. FDIiNISON vvül pay cnsh for Whcat o delivery Kt h3 store. Ann Arbor, Nov. 17, 1841, ïaosrucTU3. THE Publishers of the New York Tr'h uf.e, encouraged by the gcncruus patronal and hcariy approvul which has been extend ad to their Daily paper sinco its establWh ment, and which hu3 already rcudered itt second in point of circulalion ii ule c. 9 propose (o publish on and alter tlie I8thdav of September, a VVeekly edition on a sheet of mainiKolh size, excluding all matter of local or utansitpry interest, and calculated mainly tor (Country circulation. The Tribune- whether in ils Daily Or Weekly cdiiiun- will bo wlm't its nr.ine impofts - an unflinching supporter of tho PeiK ple'3 Rlghtö and Intercsts, in stern hostiltty io the errors of supcriicia! Ihooriats, the in liucnce ofurntiit or iqipórföct legislmjuV anl liie scheins and sophistries ofself.eeeking deniagpgiies: It will strenuouslyaövöl cate the L'rotoóiiun of American Jndustrv ogainst thgra&ping, ud lo us, blighliiS policy of Euro;;ean Gov rninents, and ihu uiiüqtitil cunnpctitioii which they forco upon iB ;.!;,o, ígáííwt Ihu present dupreseinrr sysicm of Stüe Prison Labor. It will ad. -vocala the re.storation of a sound and UDifprm National Currëncy; and orge a discreet bul dctertr.ined proBtrcutbh of Intenml Improvc(inent. Thü Kctrenchinoni, vvherever (.tac jticable, of üu-,ornm.;nt Expendieres and of Executive Patranagf, will bo zetiTóusiy ur 'cú. In short, (his papí'r víúl ráitliitilly mia. taja and oarnestly advocate tlu: Principios a, ui lAícasurcs which the Pooplo approvod, iit dovülving on W.higslalesmen thecocduct ■ of their Gjiveruniehti Eut a sii.MÜ pórtfón, however, of itscyU 'u:niá wil! he dovoled to pürély Politica! diaJ jcusslons The proceedings of Congres wi be carefully recordfd; the Fureijn and Do' mesúc inleÜ early and ucidly present cd; und wjvaléver.shall appear calculated to promoie rr.oralitVj tnaintaio social order, ex ', tend tho blessings of edncation, or in any way subserve tin; greut cause of human no Igress to uUimato virttic, liberty and liapp iH!t;s, viil find a p'ace 'm our columnsThe Weeklij Tribune will bo published every SaliUrduy niorning in Quarto forra, on ia very Urge imperial ehcut,(31 ly 42 indien) and anbrdi-d lo subácribers atTVVOÜQIr LARS a jear. Kix copies wil! bc iorward. t-d a ycar for Ton DúÜafs. Ten copies for ffifteéri dollars, niu! any hrger nutnber ir. tho ! laiter pro])oition. Payrncnt in advaticu will ; be invariabiy required, and Ihe paper sluppcd j u-luM-.cvcr the tei m of sucli poyment oxpiros. Siihscripiions arorcspi:-ctfu!ly soüc-ited by GRKELY & Mc:LRaTH, SO Ann-rt. New Ïoi-K-, Aiigust 17, 1U41. Editors óf wéekly Journals who dceire an exctin'nge vvilii the Tribtuié are requested to give this Prospectus an inserlion ia the columns. YPS1LANTI ACADEMY, TEACHERS' SEMÍNARY. ffj H. G&IFFSN, Principal, whofor. JLL.U.Q mcily had ubargé of t ha Teachers' Séhiihary at Ana Albor, and also at Grasa La!;c. The sixth term of tliiá Insütutioa will commence on Wcdncsday, TUE 2-iTH DA Y Oír NOVEMBER n ex tj and continue eleven weeks. Vv hile ihis school is equ;illy open to uil of both ecxce, vvlio itfish lo acqunc a good Euglish education, particular attention will be givoo to those preparing lo Tcach. The Langua. ges not beir taught in tlïis Sniiiiary, tua more exclusive and uninterrupted ultention will be given to iaipart a pruclical knosvledge óf tiie Engüsii Branches. Apparatus. - The Insüiution is furnislicd wiüi Chemical, Philosophical and Astro notnical Apparutus, Sui'veying Instruments, ie. Ét'c-. U ha airiount ofg3üü. ' Tuilion. - ïü theCommon English Branches, L3,50. In the Higher English Branches, from $4, 50 io $5,00. Extra Branches. - Mezzolinto and Chinese or Theoicm Páinting, S?3,00 each, for 12 Lessons, tünght by iVIus GairriN. The tuitionisto be'-paid at'tho middleof the No deductiun for absence wiübo m;ide except for protracu-d si'ckness, and r') j one will be received i'or less tíian five ar. ■'. ■ ■ half weeks. Board for Sl.50 per week, includ' ; washing. Rooms iñay be liad reasoeal , vvhé're pírsóné may board themselvos. For furlher particulars enquire of tu! (Piincipal. Ypsilanti, Oct. L7, 1841. 27-3w C AüfTÓ ÑT" 7SIIAEL E. GODLEY, en indented bjk Ja premice, about fourten years old, baV-v ing been coerced -f roía the ernp'loytnent of , th'j subscribc-r ; ihe public aro liereby eau-. tioned ngainst trusting áiiid Bny on his ac i count, as he will py no debts ef hi cooIraötinp from tlie ksent date. Z. WALDRON. Northfield, Nor. 17, 1841. __30v YPS1LAÑTI ACADJÏÏ31Y, "" TEACHERS' SEMÍNARY. ffj H. G&IFFSN, Principal, whofor. JLL.U.Q mcily had chargé of t ha Teachers' Séhiihary at Ana Albor, and also ut Grasa La!;c. The sixth term of tilia Insütution will commence on Wcdncsday, TUE 2-iTH DA Y Oír NOVEMBER nextj iind continue eleven weeks. W hile ihis school is equ;illy open to uil of both Bcxetj, vvlio itfish lo acqune a good Euglish education, particular attention will be givoo to those preparing lo Teach. The Langua. ges not beii)g tatight in tfn's Sminary, tua more exclusive and uuin-errupted ultention iyiÜ be given to iriipart a practical knowledge of xhe English Bfiinches. Apparatus. - The insti: utioti is furnislicd wiili (Jhemical, Philosophical aud Astro ïmtnical Apparutus, Sui'veying Instruments, ie. &C-. U ha airiount ofg3üü. ' Tuilion. - In thcCommon English Branches, L3,50. In the Higher English Branches, from $4, 50 io $5,00. Extra Branches. - Mczzolinto and Chinese or Theoiem Páinting, íi?3,00 each, for 12 Lessons, tünght by ?Ius GairriN. The tuilionisto bepaiüatthe middleof the No deüuctiun for absence wiübo m;ide except for p'rotractv'd si'ckness, and r') one will be received i'or less than five ar. ■'. ■ half weeks. Board for Sl.50 per week, includ' ; washing. Rooms may be had rcasonal , vvhé're porsóné may board themselvos. For Jurlher particulars enquire of tu! i Principal. Ypsilanti, Oct. L7, 1841. 27-3w C AU'FTÖ ÑT" 7SIIAEL E. GODLEY, en indented sjk M premice, about fourten years old, baV-v ing been coerced hor.) the ernp'Ioyment oí i!i : subscribc-r; Üie public aro hereby cautioned ngainst trusting áiiid Bny on his ac- count, as he will py no debts cf hi cooIroötinp frora tlie ksent date. Z. WALDRON. Northfield, Nor. 17, 1841. 80-Sw


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