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Poetry: Christians! Awake!

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This is the second printing of Arthur Cleveland Coxe's poem in The Signal of Liberty (see also "Watchwords: A Hymn for Men" in the September 1, 1841 issue). Alternate titles: "The Call to Service" and "Watchwords."

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We are living, we are dweiling, ín a grand and glorioua time; ÍD on age on ages telling, To be living - is sublime. Korkl the wak ing up of natione; Gog and Magog to the fray; Hark! what eoundsthï Is creation Groaning for italatterday? Haik. the onsetl Will ye io!' vour Faith-clad arms in lazy lockï Upl O Upl thoudrowsy soldier; Warlds are cliarging to the shock. charging-Heaven beholding; Thou hastbut an hour to fight; Jiow the blazoned cross unfolding, On - right onward for the right. O let all the &oul wiihin you, For the truth's sake, go abroad! Strike! let evety nerve and sinevr Teil on ages - teil for God. Magog leadeth meny a vassal; Christ nis few - his llttle onea; But about our leagued castle Rear and vanguard are hissona! Sealed to blush, to cower never; Crossed. baptised, and bom again, Bworn to be His soldier ever, Oh! for Christ, at least be men!