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Anti-slavery: Pro-slavery Bible: Chapter I

Anti-slavery: Pro-slavery Bible: Chapter I image Anti-slavery: Pro-slavery Bible: Chapter I image
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1. "He that stealeth a man," excepi, he has African blood in him, "and selleth him, or ifhe be found in his hand," except the law forbid emancipation, "h shall surely be put todeath." 2. "Thou shalt have no cther gods before me," cxcept when slaveholders enací, that aslave "owes to his master aruj to all hÍ3 family a respect uñthout bounds, and on absolute obcdicnce." - Scc lavo of Lmiisiana. 3. "For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing oí' the needy, now will Ï arise, saith the Lord ; I will ?et him in safety from him that puíTeth at him," unless he is a slavoholder. 4. "Deliver the poor and needy ; rid them out of the hand of the wicked," cxcept some ecslesiastical body advise rou "wholly to refram." 5. "The Lord executeth ríghteousness and judgemcnt for alt that are oppressed,"' cxcejd slaves and colored peoplcr.6. "He that despiseth his neighbor,'' wccpt he has a colored skin, "sinneth." 7. ''Rob not tl.e poor," excepf thoy are black, "beeruiFe he is poor - for the Lor will picad their cause, and spoil the soul ofthosc thut spoiled them," exerpt thcy areslaveholdcrs. 8. "Open thy mouth for the dmb," except they are. slaves : "plead the cause of the poor aiyl needyvonly don't "dese crate the holy Sabbatli" by doing so oi that day. 9. t;So T rcturncë and considered añ the oppressions that are done under th(? sun," except in the slaveholding states. 10. "Relievft the oppressed," es they re plaves.