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nP'' un(icrsi2ijcíl in iifKinny nis civicesto WfUntenaw JL und the adjoinihg Coiniies, a ifomn;opailiic iby8ciflñ wnuld s.ty. ihnt nlior liavin practiced , medicine on the principies as taughi in tbc old eclmol, and treirtcd dfspnec ior 3 iwo yeare nvcordin'g to the jaw of HoniOBopahy, - tilia similibüs cvruntnr.) totight in the newschftöl ■: medicine; and having thé 8ucco?s oi' the twi syslem, he unhcmntinsrly believeö Iloiricnp.-itliy to be tlio most s.ifc. cörtnin and sapcessful mctliod ol'ciirc. D3cisc)f, hitlwirio incurable, are now in iuost cn?cs. permanenily eradicateij by Homccopatliy.Aflectioni ol'thc spinc, i i i'l. uièrusï stomapr, ttc. &c. have poiv tlicir cer-tnin remlidies. Epilepsy. monta, pnfnlysis. neuroígia, hronchílii . [ivcnnd lurig diseoaes; scorlet fever cUkAi-r.i.i ■!..;. . I . : :nt soré throdt. eryaip'clos 6t lW.u.k tönuè, crolïp, jfloirjmalióna 6f the brain, Biorrfocb, (owc!-:, $, ■-. & c. oiC yttiy n few oï ihe numy illa, tlini have bi oij Biiipl "I ïlitii - by liw liinelyjoppiicatioh of!ionicr,opail)ic iticdichmcni. . (I wouldlcuve ii tu hé affllctod to i iy, on trial il the romcdGs wheihei HodióeoW'llr.' is vv!:nt ít .claïl ■ .■ !'■,-;!■,,!. il" w ■ : ! tl oï io ei itè thnt lic Ijbb wal rotumed frnm Nu ind I'i-.ilric'i l)hm. with a cotn] irtr)en( dfMEDICAMENTS,j - Lt.'ipsic. to (hts pluc ivíiere he wiUnttoud to -'ill calh.. uixl furnieh nredidahiehts, )ookd, itc. Btlho loweét priecs. frotu Üieclosoand exclustvi iitcritiiui he is giyjng to the sin.Jv ond practico o!' Fíotn5Opathy to bfc abio to pivc sntislactio.'i to tliono svho n.ay favöl lini svitliiheir patronage. .Oortiniunir.ations, post paidj from patiënte at a distance, vi reccivo pioinjit mtention. Thosc wh may wisli io place themselves urtder liis trentment lor nny clironic disease, eau obtai'n lodgings cilher il liis house, or ia oihrr jifaces, at low price?, THOS. JJLACKWOOD, M. D. lloinaopnt!)ist. Ypsilanti. 20Ii Ñpy. IB iö 2'.í)- 1y in ciiá'nclky- L'nri cirtcuiT. Belw'oon Erastus Corninp. Jamos Horncr, and Goorde Sodvvick. Cotnplainani8, and íl'jyh GiJíshennD, Dcfcndaut. IQ pursiir.nce nnd by virtuc of a deerce oCthisCourt inti(!e in this cause, I sliall sell at public auction at the Court Eíouse, ui the yillage of Ann Arbor. in tho Coimty of Washtonnw, on the twentysixth day of SeptPinbfir next, at one o'clock in the nfternoon of thai d.iy, the ïollowing described premises to wit: Vilh::o lot liumber twó in block ntzinber ninc(9) in Ormaby't iS. pDgësn.ddttion to tbc village of Ann Arbor, in tbc coimty oC We ihtmaw and State of Michigan, accordinr; to the n nordcd nlatof sil vjllngê. - Dated, Ann Arbor. August 10,1816 :■■.(). J)AM'OJtTIi, Mnsicr in Chancrry. Gkorgk Sjedowick, Couiplainania' Solicitor. í77-EvyOOK.S! BÜUKSÜ „tg I X.'-' ,:' ' '-''% ' ' 'V '-""'4 i At Ferry's ïBook Store, !:'. TO THE PUBLIC'! 'WW. undétsignèd haring, retürned from Néw .; . urk wilhq ncw, lui e and valuablo stock l yoles, Stationery and 'Paper Ilaiigings, rj nosv voniiy to peil for Cneh, nny thiig ín bis [)rü e at lis néw etand 011 Main streo', oppoe 11. Becker'a Brick Store. Me wil! s;iy to 5 iok purch'oieis. tliaí. by.his cffirm lnst fall on i ro'uin fioiii Xtw York. the prico óf néürly V1 cry thing in lus lino hn hcjn iold } lesa tljan roiofore, n'ud bad ii nol brc.x for bim,.puroha■s would have coniinued to pay tb,? prïpesheror 01 e charged. . ,]VA Uja 1 .11 E iy olsOj that Iiis s:i!f3 havo been bc-. iiid bis mosl snnguina expsetations. sho.wjqg neliisively (lint :i public benefactor, nltlipilgh = er so email, vill nol ;o unrcwardeil in thisenV , [htencd cammunity. cn Hé ia thankful f'"r' tlie favor nlrcady bestpwedj . k1 would rippectfulTy solicil a cphtlitaance of the idi-; nnd he would &ay tu tbose who rujver have nn irehased booTia of him, iliat lic wül síiow tlv m ,p, líeles nnd piircs with jilensnre ai ;ioy time .r t;y moy cali wheiíier they wish to purchnse or su Cami nifjcrs from tho country wül bn nttönded P , and the booa packed ns we!l ns f ttie ]:er msere present tó attêrid thé porchasea. fie ill al?o teil to oliild.-en as cheap as theif pip : 1 1 -■. _ lvv l'urclinsers wtll do vr)l to oxnmmo his etock id prices héfore purchasíng eíflcwíieré. póji1'; ?'y sure youcnll PKURY'SBOOK STORE, oúMqw í!l lrrcl, a few doors South of the Public UJ Iquare, in the sanc room ?rith C. BlissA jf Maker and Jeweïler, ec VYM, Jt. ITItRY. nr Ann Albor, June 27. 18 G. ' 269-lf fo rS3EEBïfiWGlffl ACEfilï W 15S. ■■ ölJIi iindtinsigried v.-nu!(i iiilortn (lie p I_ iti-it !io i! ! .'■ -i..ïméa nt Scio, oía iuperior knul ut ïvi-iiicJ bv hij PÓwere and Mnclunea ore parücularjlj ' fptèd 'i' the tsè of Farmers whó rt'ish to use _ 10:11 lor thresli yn grein; 'J ■■ powr. ilir;sbernnd iixtnrea can '11 be loatled jnto o im'mon i ■ ■ ron hox ánd drswn with one d -cir oi' liotsps, They are designen1 to !■ bsèd '■'- ■ith four horses. irul nrc almnclanily strorig !i '( inr nünil vrith eix ot 'i glit uorja i própfir ure. Tlicy woik with " issetrength dl horses a'ccRrding t9thoam 1 nt i'i ' ! nsinesí (ioñe tbnri any other pouor. nnn ■ dresh generally nbon liOO busliels vliem per "i ay wiih four horfea, In one inetañeo 15É ufliels wben't werc tljr;;alied in three liours L Uil (OOI boj y Thia Power ánd IMachtrfo coTítoin all tliend; ti) rtiakc tliom proliloble to (( lio purchiser. They nre etrong and dúríibló. - (1 rhey tro ensily rñoyed frqiïi one place to t. The work of tho Moisés is cií-y 011 líi'Hc lowera in conipírrson to oiliers. ond the príco i jOVVKIt li;m njiy other powur and machine, ever beorí sold in the Süite. necording ro ihe cnl vnlue. Tlie terms f noyinent wil) b.e i'i,c l.,r notes tliat are knowa to bo itbaolutely ;ood. I havo a mini'oer of Powera nnd Machines íow rpady Por si!e nnd pcrsoti3 wláhing to bny iré invited to cali soor.. OLEANERS. I ejcpoct lo be preparied withiii n few do'ys to nake Clenners lor thoe who muy want tbrn:. The u'iüity aiul ndvantngéa of ihis Piiv;r nnd Machine wül appenr evident to nll on exqoilhtng lie rcconjme.ndntjons below. All p'stsqns ove cautibned ngainst makmg hese Powera and Machines: lbo undörsigned ) my.i pg üdopted the neeessaiy ineaeuroa íor s -ing It.'iiers patent for tlia sanie wilbiri the tune c required by low. & w. fo?ti:r. Scio, Wcshtnnaw Co., Miclí.. Jane 18, J3JÖ 1 RECOMMENDATION. DnrinK the year 1845, encli of ;lic unilersined nurch:;socl and sed eitber indíyidijnüy orjointly - w ith othi'rs. one of S. W. Fpsjer's inveriicd Morse Powéra .ind tnreshing wnchines, nnd dolieve tliey ore belter adnpted to the i:.-e oi" Fannexíf"wli') want Powers md Machi neá for - their dwn í'se tliíffl any nther power and ti er within oyr knowledgo. 'J'hey nr cnlcuiatrd to he nsd with foür horaés jí i;í are ií ampie' strongih íor liiat ntimbér. They ojípear to bi constrú.cléd in f ■ich 1 rnnoner ns ni ronder them very ('ur.-ib'c with KUle líabíiity oí' getlivg out o! order. 'íhoy nro fiisüy irovtnl fíforñ one place to ánotner. They can'be worked With ony nuinbor of liinds from foir to cigiii, and wül ihic&li ' abiu't i.'!):) bugbelswheát pr day. J. A. rüIJIEMUS, Scioi Washisnnw co O. V.hOOD. " . T. RÏCHARDRON, " " SAHUPL HKALY, " ?. 1'. FOSTERi " - il N. A. PffELPS, " " ADAM SMIT.'f, " " J. M. BOWEN, Linio, ' WMi WAL'KEHl, Webber, " THOS WARREN, " " ]). SatArLlUEY, J.orTi. I tliros'i "!T loaj folland winter w.'th one of P. W. Poitor's hore.e powers. more tbajj fitrécn thousand buéfiela grniri. T'he repairs bestowèd upon tie powvr ammipfed to only li cenj . ntj il was in trood onler when J liad done thresbing. 1 iuváriabíy us,eJ sfx hórlíea. A A RON YOUNGLQVE. Marión, June 6, IS 1G. I purclinsed one of S. W. Fostcr's horec powers last lal 1 and liave usod il for jobbin. J have used many difl'eront kinds of powers nnd bel.'cve tilia is (he besi running power J have ever teen. D. S. BEÑNfiTí tíamburg. Juno, 18 IC. Wc purclinp'd one of S. W, Fpsfnr.'fl Fïojrjw Pówere last liill. and liavc nsed it und think it is a Jirst late Power. JLESSE HALL. DANIEi; s. HALL, ftEUBGN S; HAÜL,, Hamburg, June, I846Í Xti'J-ü' 1 8-SCV 1846. TEMPSBAStfGE HOUSE. :!lIrON T5ARNEY OF TUK lcamHoat Ooi cl, DETROtfj, I? now to'áy t.T arcomrnodaie 1 ís friendo nnd theTinve l:ng Public, witl) ili tlioee conven iencöacBlculated to mafep tliem cornforfal0, ind vviih jni ;cs t sm' . Mèak twenly-fiye Cents. Tiesi ' för'tlie sdmc Moñcy. Stuge ':'.'"■'■ Sleavihoatslcopi P;....' j.r l.. ,'..!,! triry Zittí nt haff - pást vi o' duik. (Usually.) The llaihocds are vülilajlcc minicips ridc of the Sleamèont Hotel. ■ 272-tf LClfl eÍTs f Efistcrn iN'ails, ji:st receivt'd JVS aijd rorsüèby WILLIAM R. NOYES, Jr 7G, Wootlward Avenue, Detroit. Dec. 12, Í844. 242 npiJE subeeriber wishes to inform tho public; JL ihnt he has córnpléièd bis now Brick Building in the Villaueof Howcil. and lias fuierl il up, together with Barns nnd other out Buildings, fora permanent Tavern etand. Jle hne nów opened ihp sume ibr the aecommodation of the public, nnd will endeovor to make hia housen quief rcatina lii(;e for the travellen Thcflou3e will be kopt upan strictly Tcinperance riricipfei, nt charges which will comparo with tlíó mpsi reasonatle', "tfipugh t should deuiand some pecuninry öuetain it." To thé iriends or liberiy flhd equal riht. the ""'"ivIIdim;" is now oilèred you Wnh the motto: "Idbtrty fy Trrnprancc." E.F. GAY. ITowcll, Liv. Co. April ?p, 181G. 5.C3-lf