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New Hampshirc- fsaac Hill's New Hampsliire Patriot publishes, wiih tlie mourning rules around it, the law pused by the last legislature of New Hampshire, similar to the one passed by our own, forbidding state, couniy, or town officers to arrest, or de:ain persons claimed as fugitive slaves, under a penalty of fine or irnprisomnent. - Chrislian Citizen. ICW YOrk.- The first of the Bank charters which expire in this State, is that of the Merchant's Exchange Bank, which runs out 1940. Those which have Lhe longest time to run, expire in 18G6, f which there are seven, and among .hem the Rochester City Bank. The In3titution having the largest capital is that if the Manhattan Company, which is 52,050,000. The smallest amount of capital is #100,000, there being 18 instilUtions owning this amount. Sixty-ihree and one hnlftons of butter ivere unloaded from one canal boat at the Western Rail Road Depot, yesterday. - The boat was from Romc,Oneida county-Evening Journal. Virginia - The Governor's Mes5agesirong'.y urges the propriety ofexpeling all free colored persons from the State! He says : "I regard our free negro population as one of our greatest evils, and to get rid of it as one ol our highest duties. Great as may be the apparent diflïcuity of accomplishing this desirable measure, it wouid dwiudle into insignificance, under a bold nnd decided tremment. But all I now propose is the passnge of a law providing that each county, nt our next annual election, shall have the right to vote upon the question of removing lhe free negroos, within their respective limilp, beyond the Commonwealth - thot all counties voting affirmatively shall communicnte the fact to the Executive, who shall be required to remove the free negroes within such counties after six or twelve months notice , nnd that such population shall not thereafter bepennitted to reside therein." SoiUll Carolina.- David Johnson, late Chancellor of the State, has been elected Governor by the legislature, and W. M. Kain, Lieut. Gov. Mr. Calhoun has been re-elected United States Senator lor six ycars, and A. H. Butler lias been chosen to the same post, in place of Mr. McDufiïe, resigned. Wisconsin. - Heavy Crop. Messrs. Rnfferly nnd Finnfgan, of the town of Menomonee,raised thrce hundrcd awl sixftf busheis of'wheat on eight and a half arres of land forty-two and o halt' bushels to the acre! - Milwauhce Cour. Alabninil.- At the recent Presbyterian Synod, held at Wetumpka, a negro, named Ellis, was admitted tu the ministry. iïe is to be sent as a missionary to Liberia. The Eufaula Shield says that lis wife and two children have .been )urchased, by the Presbyterian Church in Alabama, at a cost of 82,500. He has acqulred his education by his own exerions ; and upon examination, provod himself a good Latín, Greek and Hebrew cholar. Tennessec- The Nashville Unon of the 12th uit. contains the folowingchoice item of intelligence : " At a Missionary me'eting held in th Methodist church, on Monday night, funds were raisrd for making Gen. Taylor, )1. Campbell, Col. Anderson, Capt. Cheatham, and Capt. Foster life members of lhe Conference Missionahy Socif.ty. These complimntá will be duly ap)reciated by the brave officers, who are winning laurefs on the field of battle." We have heard ofpeople steaïing "the ivery of heaven to serve the devil in," but this is the first instance that has come ander our notice, in which a society of professing christiaos have furnished the nforesaid livery unsolicited and gratis. The next piece of intellignnce that ve evpect to be called upon the record, is, that active measures are lo be taken for raising the necessary funds in order to constitute Gen. Taylor and all his subordinates, including Captains Coy and Gullum, as Life Members of the American Peace Society - Chrislian Citizen. Kent UCk y- .The Cincinnati Herald has a letter fnvm Glasglow, Kentucky - the writer of which describes the progress of the Anti-slavery feeling in t'at región. In the summer of 1843, a Dr. Hitchcock was warned out of the county, for the offence of having a fcw copies of " Facts fur the People," an anti-slavery tract, which he showed to some of his friends. He was a member of the Presbyterian church. Soon after, 20 copies of the Phifanthropist were taken, and afierwards Clay's Truc American. - Al the present timo there are 72 copies oftheTV-HP American, 20 of the AntiSlavcry Reporter, 7 of the Philanthropist, 3 of lhe Salurday VisUer, &c. T hewriite says furlher : - Another thing is, on the counters and tables of several of our Merchants and Mechanica rnay b seen copies of ino Truc American, IIñradynnd Anli-Savery Reporter, nnd inourCnurt House I have noticed several. copies of the nbove named paper lying on the table wiihin the bar, or in the hnnd-s of several members of the Court. I saw during this week, at one time, four of its members including afet-Hjgiiished Judge, with copies of the True American m tlieir hnnds, rendingit wiihi the bar, and in tha past week during thesession ofour courl, I think more than half of 'he time, some of the members we re leading some of the above named papers. Some of the 88 men who ivorned Dr. Hitchcock aw.iy, are now subscribers to hese papers. - Pilot. i?Iiclligitn. - We are informed by i person in attendance at the present e8sion of the Court, that the number of lecrees of divorce in this county within i year past is 22. Matrimony.seems striped of half its terrors when the knot is o loosely lied. - Ypsiianti Scntinel. lowa. - The ncw Capítol of Iowa ecupies a favorable sile in Iowa ciiy. - tis built of marble at a cost of already 80,000; and will require $20,000 more o finish it. Wisconsiil. - A select committee ippointed by the Constitutional Convenion, now in session, hns submitted a reort, proposing to divide Wisconsin inlo wo states. The committee give the following reaons in favor of the proposed división : 1. The large extent and peculiar shape f the Territory, and the consequent nqualify in the benefits of government. 2. The laie actof Congrèss,dated Aug. 5, dividing the same. 3. The present uncqual representation n the Senate of the U. S. The area included within the present andispuled limits of Wisconsin, is estiTiated at about 90,000 square miles - 2qual to New York and Pennsylvania, and larger by 25,000 square miles than the six New England States. The Convention has rejected a motion to abolish capital punishment, by a vote of 31 toöl. Wisconsin has contributed her quota to the wonders of the age, in the person of a giant boy who is upwards of 7 fee high, and only 13 years old.