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Collect Away!

Thu, 11/19/2015 - 5:31pm


[b:1482208|Cabinet of Curiosities: Collecting and Understanding the Wonders of the Natural World], by Gordon Grice, is a great new book that tackles collecting natural treasures. I was thrilled to find this book, because I have a large collection of bones, shells, feathers, and more. This book explains scientific classification and breaks down the chapters in the book using the Linnaeus classification system.

Each page of this book is filled with beautiful photographs and drawings that show off the specimens that you might find in the wild. The book gives clear instructions on how to find animals that are already dead, rather than killing live creatures. It also explains the laws for certain protected shells and species. Instructions are provided for cleaning, caring for, and displaying specimens of all kinds.

[b:1482208|Cabinet of Curiosities] is a great book for curious readers of all ages who want to learn how to find and display the treasures that the earth has to offer.

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Nothin' like a good map book!

Fri, 11/13/2015 - 3:35pm


Yes! I love maps and geography, and a brand new United States map book has just arrived here at the library! Titled simply [:catalog/record/1479771|The Fifty States], this oversize book gives each state a double-page spread jam-packed with unique details about that state and a giant map of the state with interesting and memorable places marked. I love how author Gabrielle Balkan didn’t pick well-known facts or places to highlight, but instead chose more “off the beaten path” aspects of our country to point out. The key facts for each state—capital, statehood date, flower, bird, tree and motto aren’t left out, though: they’re nicely arranged in a colorful box on each page. Each spread also has a column of “memorable moments” from the state, and images of famous people from the state are scattered across the pages. I loved some of the places of note that Balkan chose for Michigan: along with the Mackinac Bridge and Sleeping Bear Dunes, the submarine museum in Muskegon, the Charlevoix mushroom houses, the frozen pier in St. Joseph and Tahquamenon (“Root Beer”) Falls are also on display.

This is a quirkily illustrated, yet beautiful book and offers an amazing amount of information; all ages will learn something by perusing it! What a great holiday gift for any child interested in maps and the U.S.A.!

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Crossover Graphic Novels November Edition!

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 6:45pm


We've got a whole bunch of great crossover graphic novels for you this month and these ones are amazing!

First up this month we have [b:1483015|Gryphon's Aren't So Great] by [:catalog/search/author/Sturm%2C%20James%2C%201965-|James Sturm] of [b:1333611|Adventures in Cartooning] fame. This story follows The Knight and his best friend Edward (who is his horse). Like all friendships this one is troubled by a gryphon (what your friendships don't have gryphon troubles? Must just be me). The Knight meets the Gryphon and starts riding him instead of Edward, and talking to Edward about how great Gryphon is. So just what will Edward do when Gryphon turns out to be more perilous than a pet? Read [b:1483015|Gryphon's Aren't So Great] and find out.

The second crossover graphic novel this month is [b:1483029|Fable Comics] which has a variety of artists but was edited together by Chris Duffy. These are not your normal every day fables. Nope these ones include ninja grapes (that may or may not be sour), ironic stepping on people, and leopards who really know how to rock! First Second, the published of this collection, really brought their A game to the table. The art is all great and the stories will make you chuckle, if not laugh out so loud that people wonder what's funny.

The third and final crossover is an adaptation of a wildly successful book series [:catalog/search/callnum/"Youth%2BGraphic%2BNovel%2B%252F%2BWarriors"|Warriors]. Follow Ravanpaw, Tigerstar, Sasha, Graystripe, and Scourge amongst others as these graphic novels take you through new stories set in the world of Warriors. The art work in the books captures the feel of the novels, and its interesting to see what someone else imagines your favorite cats to look like! Those of you who are not already fans of the Warriors series (or who think you're too old for them) the stories in the novels are often captivating and any cat lover could enjoy the antics of these wonderful cats!

That's it for this month, but keep your eyes open for other great graphic novels that we blog about in the next month!

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New Steve Jenkins: How to Swallow a Pig!

Thu, 10/22/2015 - 1:50pm


Steve Jenkins has been using his amazing cut-paper art to illustrate his science and nature books for kids for over a decade now, and I still look forward to each new book that he creates. His most recent one is [:|How to Swallow a Pig: step-by-step advice from the animal kingdom] and it's one of his best yet. He uses animals with particularly unique habits: pythons who eat pigs, crows that use cars to crack nuts, and monkeys that use toxic millipedes to fend off lice and offers fun, step-by-step "instructions" for how these animals go about their amazing activities. And of course, the illustrations are as beautiful as ever. This book stands out to me as a particularly great one for classrooms--the detailed, fascinating facts about a diversity of animals would be a fun and complimentary addition to any lesson plan about animals and the natural world.

See more of Steve Jenkins' books on [:|this list]!

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A2GD Presents: The CivCity Game Jam!

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 3:46pm


Big news, gamers! Starting on Friday, October 23 at 6:00PM, CivCity and the A2 Game Designers Meetup are teaming up to co-host a GAME JAM at Workantile in Ann Arbor (118 South Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI)! Unlike most game jams, there won't be a single winner that will get all the glory. Instead, every game will get a moment in the spotlight at a soon-to-be-announced AADL EVENT! We’re still working out the details, but at some point all games created at the jam will be displayed prominently at a LIBRARY-SPONSORED event and available for ANYONE to play!

This game jam is open to game development of all kinds, including but not limited to: VIDEO GAMES, BOARD GAMES, and CARD GAMES. Come solo or with a team! To better accommodate your busy schedules, this game jam is mostly remote, with a kickoff event on Friday and a presentation event on Sunday.

If showcasing your game to hundreds of library visitors isn’t enough incentive, there will also be a raffle that gives one team the chance to win a $100 CASH PRIZE!

For those of you screaming "Sign me up!" at your computer screens, you'll find more info on rules, deadlines, and how to get in on the action here! See you there!

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Halloween Costume Swap!

Sat, 10/03/2015 - 11:45am

[img_assist|nid=318599|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=98]Join us for a new sustainability program this year! From now until October 2nd, drop off your gently used, clean Halloween costumes to any library branch. Costumes for all ages and sizes are appreciated, as well as accessories!

Then, on October 3rd, come to the Downtown branch from 2:30-4:30 to [:node/318600|pick out a new costume for this year]! This is a wonderful chance to save money, clear your closet, and pick out something snazzy for this year. We'll also be doing a kids' craft!

Get in the spooky mood by checking out our [k:halloween|great collection of Halloween items]!

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Crossover Graphic Novels: October Edition!

Fri, 10/02/2015 - 6:28pm


Another month, another three graphic novels perfect for comic lovers whether you are 5 or 500!

The first is a graphic novel based on the hit TV show [b:1466106|Steven Universe] and imaginatively named [b:1476782|Steven Universe Volume 1]. If you're not familiar with the TV show [|Steven Universe], it's about a boy named Steven who is half human/half Crystal Gem. The Crystal Gems are an advanced alien race with superpowers and extended lifespans. Steven and the Crystal Gems work hard to save Beach City and the Earth from gem monsters and other disasters. This comic is a great adaptation of the show and manages to capture the feel of the show while being its own unique entity. It's a must-read for any fans of the show and if you've never seen it, it'll give you a window into one of the current hot trends!

The second is another adaptation, though this time from newspaper comic strips to monthly comics. [:catalog/search/callnum/"Youth%20Graphic%20Novel%20/%20Peanuts"?sort=newest|Peanuts] is produced by KaBOOM, the same company behind the hit comic [b:1469356|Lumberjanes]. Peanuts is great, and you can tell that the team behind it really loved the original series by [:catalog/search/author/Schulz%252C%2BCharles%2BM.%2B1922-2000.|Charles Schultz]. The humor is very similar and the characters are every bit as lovable as they were in the classic strip! Now with the new Peanuts movie coming out later this year, it's the perfect time to check out some great new strips with your favorite characters.

The third graphic novel is [b:1480654|Space Dumplins]. This book is seriously great, it has everything from the the excitement of space and the drama of family, to the joy of space whale poop harvesting. The book follows Violet Marlocke, daughter of a lumberjack (the people who harvest said space whale poop). When her dad goes missing and the government takes no action, Marlocke and her friends set off on a rescue adventure.


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Dia De La Familia Latina

Thu, 10/01/2015 - 12:50pm

[img_assist|nid=37106|title=Latino Fam|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=82]

Join us Sunday, October 4th, 2:30-5pm at the downtown [| AADL], as we partner with the U of M [| Comprehensive Cancer Center] to bring you [|Dia de la Familia Latina]. This informational program - which takes place during [| National Hispanic Heritage Month] - will include health information and resources from local community agencies and organizations, and aims to raise awareness of cancer and other health issues among Latinos. Refreshments and other fun activities will be provided including crafts, face painting, and the talented [|Magician Cesar Domico] to perform for all!

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Chuseok Dae, a Korean celebration!

Fri, 09/25/2015 - 3:22pm

[img_assist|nid=323507|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=52] The University of Michigan's Nam Center for Korean Studies proudly brings you the 5th annual [|Chuseok Thanksgiving Celebration!] This free event includes Korean food tasting, arts & crafts, a story time by AADL's own Miss Rachel, and two kimchi workshops presented by [|The Brinery.]

Events will be held at the UM School of Social Work building, 1080 S. University.

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Tue, 09/01/2015 - 4:54pm


OK, we've scraped the corners of SUMMER GAME SHOP ORDER FULFILLMENT CENTRAL, and come up with about 300 more thingys to post; the stock now listed in the [|Summer Game Shop] is IT for 2015! Remember that your points don't expire, so any unspent points you have will still be available when the shop reopens in July 2016! Also, if you were waiting to order a second sketch messenger, thanks so much for waiting, now you can HAVE AT IT!

So, while TEAM SUMMER GAME takes a break to regroup, we want to hear from YOU! What were your FAVORITE and NOT AS FAVORITE events, activities, badges, shop items, WHATEVERS? Let us know RIGHT HERE any ideas you have to make SUMMER GAME 2016 even better! Rest assured we read every comment, so if you've got an idea, LET'S HAVE IT! Pour it all out WHILE IT'S STILL FRESH! Thanks to all of you for your support, feedback, enthusiasm, and most of all...