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Looking Back: 1890's

Looking Back: 1890's image
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1890-Water first pumped from new well into new resevoir tower. 96 pounds pressure at pump required at new Flower Pump. (First Annual report of Board of Water Commissions) System was installed by W. R. Coates Co.

Meeting held at home of T.L. Towner (303 N. Huron) to organize Ypsilanti Building Association. J.N. Wallace, C.M. Hemphill, and H.H. Goodwin, Committee.

1891-Barton House sold at an Auction to F.W. Cleveland for building to be cleared by April 18th. (N.W. Corner Washington & Pearl Streets

1891-Michigan Central began passing out Bouquets to Ladies on Train, Began on Trains #10 and #22.

In a Diary of the Period, Mrs. S.J. Norton wrote “The Old Methodist Church is nearly torn down to make room for the new brick one”.

1892-The work of removing the bodies from Prospect Street Cemetery has been completed. Keeley Institute established in Ypsilanti.

The above items were found in a chronological file compiled by Mr. Lewis White, Ypsilanti's first Historian.