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William Lambie Diary, July-December 1894

William Lambie Diary, July-December 1894 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1894 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1894 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1894 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1894 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1894 image William Lambie Diary, July-December 1894 image
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July 1.
Wife, Mary and I went to Church, went round by Mr. GReys with Belle-few farmers in Church.

2. Brother Robert brot papers and a letter from the Oak-early potatoes, small but good for food.

3. Robert mowed the hay north of our house, rather find hay-days cool, breezes like Scotch weather.

4. Quite a cool day, wife want to Azros and came round by Belles-she picked Cherries and the girls Currents-Holly hocks in bloom-picked peas for dinner.

5. Clear cool morning down to 50 at sunrise-John and Fox drew hay into our barn. Robert mowing-got a paper from Washington Birds.

6. Raked stones off the road. Roberts man drew 2 more loads of hay into the barn.

7. New potatoes small but better than the old ones for use. Robert has 2 teams drawing hay. a strike on central R R-men burned property.

8. Wife, Ann, Mary, Belle and I went to Church. Cool healthy breezes.

9. Robert mowing for Mr. Martin-his men puting green on and the potaotes hoed in the garden-got 4 bushels of corn on the ear from Frank for hungry hens-girls picked goossberries-potatoes and corn like to wither in the dry westher-Harry James got Roberts reaper.

10. Dry but good harvest weather-Frank and Robert working long hours in the hay fields.

11. Riots and rebellion by the strikers in Chicago-Soldiers sent to restore order.

12. Frank and Robert have the hay nearly in. Robert Campbell came and requested me to write a paper regarding G. Campbells sick-nass after the war so that he might draw a pension.

13. Went to Town then to Mr. Greens garden adn he filled up the paper asking for a pension to Uncle Gabriel. Robert cultivater corn-Soldiers putting down the rebellion in Chicago-a little shower for another day.

14. Watering pants and flowers, Anns, Mary, Mrs. Fletcher, Willie and Harris had a ride in the surry round by Franks farm last night. Robert cultivated corn-his man got the big weeds out the potatoes.

15. Wife, Mary, Frank and I want to Church-A sermon on Riots.

16. Clouds in the West for showers of blesaings. Wife went to Azros and Willie and Harris stayed here-Robert had tow hoeing potatoes-90 in the shade.

17. Robert cultivating corn-Wife at Azros-94 in the shade. Thumb got a big load of old hay-Anna and Mary wnet home with Harris.

18. Azros called and told us all a little boy was born at their home. Wife, Ann and Mary went over. Anna, Willie, Harris and Tilly came back-no rain-heat intense-100 inthe shade. Went to Roberts-Robert cultivated-Hattie picking berries.

July 19. Oppressive hest-100 in the shade-Anna and Mary took their Mother to Azros in the morning and brot her back at night-Corn, Oats and potatoes drying up in the heat.

20. It looks as if the rain had came in answer to prayer. This afternoon it poured down abundantly.

21. The sky blue the grass reen and the air purs-Ann and Mary went to Azros for Mother.

22. Fine summer Sabbath day-Wife, Ann and I went to Church.

23. Dug potatoes and hoed corn-Robert went to Franks to reap oats, Wife and Anna went to Azros.

24. Wife took Ann to Bells, we called at Uncle Roberts. Robert reaped all FRanks Oats.

25. Brother Robert called with reading-Wife brot Ann home from Belles and called on Mary and Harris and Mrs. F. Roberts wife and daughter sailed for Deluth.

26. Robert begun to reap the Oats by G. Allens-helped to set up a few stocks.

27. Robert reaped the Oats I brot up-2 dozen sheaves in the surry to feed the horse and hens-Robert brot about 10 bushels of corn borrowed from Azro-warm night.

28. Robert resped for Mr. Martin-Oats, Wife and I went to Town.

29. Wife, Ann. Belle and I went to Church. Mr. Vrooman gave us a good sarmon and devotional prayer.

30. Pumped water out the well to make it purer-Robert and Ring drew in the Oats, warn and duaty.

31. Robert halped Frank to thrash-kind brother-Robert brot us all a generous presant.

August 1.
Wife and I went to Azros and sew Mrs. Fletcher and the wee boy, Bells came, Robert reaping Oats and put his reaper in the barn.

2. Cold morning mercury down to about 55. Wife brot Anns and Mary homs.

4. Wife, Mary and I went to Town-Called on MrLaidlaw-found him quite sick-sent Harper to Mr. Naismith.

5. Mr. Fairfield preached well-brother Robert and I rode round by the Crippen farms and talked of by gons days.

6. Wearying for rain-Wife want to Azros and bells-Robert got in the Oats. J McDougal payed his nots.

7. Frank went to Ann ARbor-

8. Robert brot the buggie with the tires set. Went to the old homs with Robert and was glad to see so many Apples on the Orchard trees.

9. Belle came and Mary went home with he-Clouds but no rain.

10. Went to Azros with Robert and a cow. Wife, Mrs. Flatcher and Mrs. A. Campbell went to Frnaks farn in the Surry.

11. Wife walked down to Roberts-Wife, Mary and I went to Town-a few drops of rain-

12. Wife, Anna, Mary, Belle and I went to Church-Mr. Roack preached-went home with Belle at night.

13. Wife want to Azros. Ann and Mary to Roberts-Hoed and watered Peach trees.

August 14.
Robert and Fox repatned the clatern pump-Wife, Ann, Mary and I want to see the fine flowers in the Depot garden.

15. Ann, Mary, Mr. Fletchar and Harris what to Town. Wife kept the was babs, Went down to Roberts-Cannot find my pocket book. Brother Robert celled with a black horse-his old one being deed. Cool north wind.

16. Robert and Fox drawing manure-Ann went to Azros for Mary.

17. Robert, his wife, 2 children and my wife and Ann went to John Campballs.

18. Robert and I looked over the old home farm. Wife, Ann and Mary went to Town.

19. Wife, Ann, Mary and I want to Church. Mr. Cook preached.

20. Robert took down the hind wheale of the Surry to gat them set. Anna and Mary went to Azros.

21. Wife went to Balls, Mrs. Fletcher, Willis and the babe came. Robert got the Surry repsired.

22. Took our dinner under one of Roberte apple trees, about 16 of us. Frank want on Excursion.

23. Mrs. L took Ann and Mary to the Motor going to Uncle Williams

24. Put a little water wheel on the brook at Roberts. Bells, Mrs. Fletcher, Willie and the was babs called. Went the wrong way at night to meet the giris and almost mist them.

25. Wife, Mary and I want to Town. Robert brot 10 bushels of Whest.

26. Wife, Ann, Mary and I went to Church-Robert and his family and old Mr. Crippen came than Azro and his—and Belle to.

27. Wife, Ann and I called at Roberts and than at Mrs. Strange. Mat Uncle Andrew he had been at Mr. Kimbals funeral.

28. The pockst book was found in the coat all right where I thought I had left it. Wife and I went to Town and brot up Ann Todd.

29. Smaky and dry-picked same fine peaches. Ann, Mary and Ann Todd want to Azros and then to Roberts.

30. Soes one stols some of our large peaches. Wife and I went to the Depot with Ann Todd-Called at Roberts. Robert gathered the ripe peaches and bot Fox is pige.

31. Robert took Ann to the Depot on her way to Elkhart on the last summer day. Wifs, Mary, Willie and I wnst to Church meating.

September 1.
Wife and I went to Town. Went to Azros at night for Mary, the little babe was good-looked at the new bridge on Norton's brook.

2. Sacraments day-vary warn and duaty-93 in the shade. Prayers for rain see to be in vain.

3. Mrs. Fletcher, Willis and the babs came in the morning. Robert and Hattie went to Mrs. Crippen's funeral.

4. Wrote lines praying for rain-Wife helped Robert and I walked home. Sell came-her and Mary went to Nortons.

5. RAIN, RAIN on the roof at night and a refreshing rain in the morning to revive the withered grass and drive away the smoke and dust-like an answer to prayer.

Septamber 6.
Wife want to Town for Mrs. Wm. Campbell and daughter-Frank halped Robert to thresh after noon, about 200 bushels of Oats. Belle came.

7. Wife and Mary want to Wown with Nrs and Miss Campbell-Mary walked to Azros-Harvey came with the Engin about 4 and thrashed over 90 bushels of Oats.

8. A shower in the night-Mrs. John Campbell and Ann called and brot a basket of Peaches-Called on brother Robert, Mary had headach at Azros.

9. Wife and I went to Church-Belle called, Mary came at night.

10. Good showers in the night. We think it will be easier, cheaper and safer to stay at homs than go to the State FAir. Fox began to cut corn for Robert.

11. Picked grapes, Roberts girls went to school. CAlled on Lidalaw and Mrs. Taylor and got the harnass repaired.

12. Wife, Mary, Mrs Fletcher, Harris and the babe went to Town. Went down and wandared on the old farm. Had a pleasant walk with brother Robert to Frank's farm.

13. Frank and Robert left for Royal Oak with a genarous pressent from brother Robert for the friends there. A t morning.

14. Mary went to help Hattie and Robert came back from the Oak at night.

15. Picked large peaches and tomstoss-the fields with the rain green again-Frank got back from the Oak.

16. Wife, Belle and I went to Church-pure air and cleared sky. Mary over at Azros.

17. Wife took Lash to School and then drove to Azros.

18. Mrs. Fletcher, Mary, Harris drove to Town and saw Linglin-Great show of horses, men, Lions and elephants. Robert plowing for wheat and has two men culling corn.

19. Brother Robert came and brot papers-dug all the potatoes south and the garden-went to Town.

20. Dug potatoes north of the house-Mary wnet to Roberts.

21. Wife went with Mary to Azros-then to Belles-Dug potatoes and carried them down cellar and was weary.

22. Dug potstoss again-Robert aowed wheat by Nortons corner.

23. Wife, Mary, Belle and I went to Church. Mr. Fairfield preached The driving wind slamed the door of Mr Hunters horse shed and shut his in.

24. Mercury down to 44 cool breszes-Want down and saw Robert plowing amoung stumps, brush and thistels.

25. Wife, Mary Mr. Flstcher and Harris went to Town almost ice.

26. Thin ice like paper-Want with Mrs. L to the Motor-And she went with Mrs. Campbell to Ann Arbor Fair.

27. Rods with Robert His wife and family to Ann Arbor fair fine day-a crowd and a good Fair.

28. Franks birthday and Ex Governor Falch as well. We sold a live Ruster to a padler at 7 cents par pound.

29. Mist-daw and sunshins-dug potstoes-Wife and Mary and I went to Town afternoon.

30. Mr Morey away-Mr Gallap preached but did not uplift us.

October 1.
Mary walked to Mrs. Fletchers-Wife and I went to A. McMicls got Quinces and flowers.

October 2.
Helped Robert to gether cider apples-Had a fine ride with brother Robert to Franks farm.

3. Rain in the night-Wife went to Bells-went to the old home Robert has two men picking apples.

4. Mrs. Fletcher, Harris and the babe came in the morning. Wife and I drove up to Mr and Mrs Smithe and spent a happy day with them and good sister Agnes.

5. A wet morning-Robert has two men picking apples and is drawing cider apples to Uords (?).

6. Received a Post office order for $18 from Robert Campbell.

7. Mr. Morey preached-Wife, Mary, Bell and I went to Church.

8. Fox begun to dig Robert potatoss-Robert Robian and Fox geting cider apples-Roberts man went away.

9. Put straw in the barn-Belle gathering apples.

10. Still pitching straw in the hen house-Walked to Town after dark in the storm and read about Burns to the Ladies Society.

11. Wife and I went on the Moter to Ann ARbor and had a pleasant visit with Uncle Robert Campbell and family.

12. Wife went to Mrs Fletchers helped to gather apples-Robert has 3 or 4 men picking hers-Robert was offered $125 for his apples.

13. MIld and damp-too wet to pick apples-Wife and Mary and I went to Town-got pictures from A. McNical-wet coming home.

14. Mr. Morey spoke of Farmers and the beauty of Nature.

15. Had to break the ics with my heal-the ground hard over the potatoes-Robert sold apples-Brother Robert came-Wm Campbell came.

16. Golden October-Wife went with Mary-Roberts team-Fox and Hamilton working on the road-Robert took apples to Woolsey Robert helped to get the stove in the kitchen.

17. Helped Robert to get in 3 loads of potatoes-3 men digging potatoes-Wife went with Mrs Fletcher, Willie, Harris and the babe to her home in the City.

19. Wife walked to Roberts-A. CAmpball came-the trees like great flowers-gathered late peaches. Robert got all his potatoes in the caller-Brother Robert, wife, daughter and I drove in the Orchard-Mary what to Mrs Flatchers and then to Roberts

20. A thunder shower at morn-Mr & Mrs Smitth and two girls came-Wife and Mrs Smith went to Mrs. Fletchers. Mr Smith and I gathered apples-Belmy day-

21. Wife and Mary and I went to Church-the beautiful leaves falling fast.

22. Damp. mild Morning-Ware sorry to learn that Mr. Calhoun that owed Mrs L $275 was bankrupt-Wife met J Campbell with the remaine of his little boy at the grave. Mary and I gethered apples-Robert brot up a load of apple barrels.

23. Misty mild morning-Mary drove over to Mr Fletchers-wet most all day. Walked to Roberts who had 3 huskers till it rained-Brother Robert came.

October 24.
Sunahine after the rain-Mrs L, Mary, Mrs Fletcher, Willie Harris and the babe want to their new home near the cresmary.

25. Wife and I went to Ben Voorhees, took a few apples. Wife and I went to Mrs. Fletchers new home and brot home Mary.

26. Wife went to help Hattie and Mary-went to Belles-Robert and Fox took apples to Town-Sunshine in afternoon.

27. Mist and clouds-Robert took 3 loads of packed apples to Jansen-Wife, Mary, Belle and I went to Town before Belles horse in the surry.

28. Mr. Morey preached about our daily bread-Mr. Fletcher and family and Frank came. Mary want with Mrs. Fletcher.

29. Grand golden October day-Robert took a barrel of apples to brother Robert, Mr. McNicol and MR. Morey-gathered apples in the Orchard and Robert brot them in.

30. Wife want to Mrs. Fletchers and got wet-too wet to work out doors-wrote lines for Mr and Mrs. Holbrock golden wedding on Wednesday.

31. Dark morning-Robert getting in apples.

November 1.
Fine sunny day-Went to J. Hamiltons and then to Mrs. Fletcher and we missed each other. Robert raised his corn crib.

2. Robert and Fox put 3 good loads of corn in our crib and 3 in Roberts-helped them all day.

3. Too blustry for hoaking-surly blaste.

4. Mrs. Fletcher, Willie, Harris and the babe came. Mr. Moreys sermon on Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.

5. Wife went to Azros last night-only Mary and I left. Robert sent 2 barrels of apples to Ann-I washed the stable.

6. The first snow shower-the ground white at morn. Mary went to Mrs Flstchera and her Mother came back-Brother Robert and daughter called.

7. Snow and rain-dark and damp-too wet to get in corn or apples Frank adn Robert called.

8. More snow-wife went to Mrs. Fletchere and found her unwell. Robert and Fox brot in the Coal stove-Brother Robert and daughter came.

9. Mild and dark-Robert came throught the snow storm and sat up the pipes on the Coal stove that made the damp room comfortable.

10. Some sunshine after 3 stormy days-Robert and I drove through the snow and mud to Mrs Flatchars and found them all well and glad to see us-Borrowed $50 from Unice for Robert.

11. Wife and I went to Church-cold and cheerless-Mary and Harris came in the afternoon.

12. Robert took 2 loads of apples to the cider mill-Frank came to supper after dark.

13. More snow-mild and damp-pasted paper on the han house.

14. Wife, Belle and I carried the apples from the barn to the cellar-Wife and Belle went to Mrs. Fletchers.

November 15.
Beautiful day-Wife and I went to Church-Mary walked from Azros and came home with us. FRank came-mild and sunny all day.

16. Beautiful sunny morning like the day we were married 47 years ago. Mrs. Fletchers boy were not very well-Wife, Mary and I were there for dinner-balmy breezes.

17. Robert selling cider apples to Harvis James for 8 cents a hundred-Wife went to Bells-Brother Robert and Mr. Harlan the minister called-split wood.

18. Bland breezes-Mary went to Bells-Mary and Bell went to Mrs. Fletchers for dinner-Robert drawing apples-split wood till my arme were sore.

19. Wife and Mary went to Mrs. Fletchers-cold winds.

20. Wife exchanged corn for meal-Robert geting in corn.

21. Wife and Mary want to Mrs. Fletchers-cold rain.

22. Sunny day-Wife, Mary and Mr and Mrs Fletcher and the 3 boys and I at Church. Wharton told us what he wanted us to do

23. Wife want to Bells-3 teams drawing gravel on the hill. Helped to spread some.

24. Mild some rain at night-Wife, Mary and I went to MR. Fletchers vary muddy and mild-brother Robert brot papers.

25. Wet morning-Robert sold a cow to the butcher-Frank came.

26. Thanksgiving, Mild like a May morning. Mr & Mrs Fletcher and the boys came to dinner-pleasent party.

27. Hoed some in the garden-Wife and I went and visited our old friends Mr and Mrs B. Voorhsea-Robert drew gravel on the road.

28. Cold morning, the pump froze-Wife walked to Roberts-Wrote to Mr McConchie-to cold to go to Town.

29. To cold and sayed the Sabbath at home. Frank came then brother Robert his daughter Unice and Agnes Ingals.

30. Snow showers-John K. Campbell came-Mary came back.
December 1. Cold blasts 14 above zero-Frank came

2. Eight above zero-Wife went to Bells-Robert brot a grist to us and his family. Bright sunshine-Frank brot a load of wood.

3. Some snow, piled up wood-Wife walked to Roberts, Robert and 2 man drew in stalks, Wife and Mary went to Mrs. Fletchers.

4. Snow in the night-Brother Robert brot us papers-Sent a letter about apples.

5. Wife and Mary went to Town-Frank came.

6. Wife, Mary, Bells and I went to Church and Mr and Mrs. Fletcher and the 3 boys-Harris said the Lords prayer along with the minister when 4 years old-same like a summer day.

7. Mild and pleasant-Wife want to Mrs Fletchers, Clare Campbell came then Frank.

8. Dark misty and mild-Wife went to Bells for dinner. a pleasan meeting-muddy roads.

10. Mist and then sunshime-Wife and Mary want to Mrs Fletchers-Wrote to Ann-got a paper and pictures from Australia.

11. Beautiful morning-Wife, Mary and I went to the Church meeting.

December 12.
Went to Town and Mrs. Fletchers-beautiful winter day. Sacrament-Church well filled-Annas Birthday. Brother Robert and Eunics came-Mr and Mrs Fletcher and family came at night.

14. Wife went to Bells, Mary to Roberts, Frank came back from the Oak.

15. Snow nearly all day-Wife boiling cider-Robert brot a barrel last Saturday-Frank learned while at the Oak that James Lambie paid a good sum of money to Wm. Todds family that he got from the Estate Brother Frank left.

16. Mary hitched up the horse and Wife drove through the snow to Belles than Mary and Her Mother went to Mrs. Fletchers.

17. Sawed wood-Mary at Mrs Flatchers.

18. Robert came for his Mother before breakfast and there was another little girl at Roberte home. The thrashers engine came at night to thrash beans.

19. Moonlight and sunshine-The thrashers got our 81 bushels of beans for Frank and 45 for Robert before dinner. Robert and Mary to Town at night and brot Ann home.

20. Mrs L, Mary and I and Mr and Mrs Fletcher and 3 boys at Church-Mr and Mrs Fletcher and Frank came.

21. Mary and Anna want to the Motor with their Mother to go to Uncle Wms birthday-Sunny day.

22. Shortest day-snow nearly all day-They buried John Gigian in a snow storm.

23. Belle came-Robert and Ann cut a green tree-Rexfords man brot a load of coal-Ann, Mary and Belle went to Town, others went home with Bells.

24. Four below zero-pure sunshine-puresanow. Too cold to go to John Campbells party.

25. Christmas 28 years sincs Father died-Had a grand Turkey dinner, a green tree, presents and happy party of old and young from morning till night-10 above zero.

26. Frank came-Wife went to Belles.

27. Brother Robert came. Ten above zero-Mr. Whalton preached about Christens.

28. Robert came for Mary and then took Ann and Mary to Mrs. Fletchers.

29. Sent a paper to Scotland and Australia-received a card from Mr and Mrs Cowan, Parth, Scotland.

30. Drove to Roberts with Ann and Mary and saw Hattis and the babs. Bark, mild and damp.

31. The last day of 1894 gone away on the records of time.

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