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Puppy Promenade

A neighborhood morale booster on Soule Blvd

On the afternoon before the Puppy Promenade was scheduled to take place, organizer Linda Hoadley, who lives next door to me, had no idea if it would actually happen. She'd come up with the idea of inviting neighborhood dogs and their so-called masters to congregate at the flagpole in front of Eberwhite School and walk, at a social distance, down Soule to Liberty and back as the rest of the neighborhood watched.

Real Estate Transfers

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Real Estate Transfers

Frank J. Inward to Chas S. Smith, Ypsilanti, $1,865.
Hiram Fairchild to Chas. S. Smith, Ypsilanti, $500.
John Blakeslee, Adm., to Burt Lawnsburg, York, $735.67.
Anneth M. Lazell to Mary E. Stoner, Bridgewater, $2,000.
Nelson P. Hill to Jerry W. Walsh, Ann Arbor, $850.
C.H. Kempf to Adam Bohnett, Chelsea, $110.
Sarah M. Joslyn to A.L. Parker, Ypsilanti, $350.
Racheal Ring to Miriam Gallagher, Ypsilanti, $500.
Delos Townsend to Phebe Townsend, York, $1,500.
Dorothy Frey to Herman Hardinghouse, Ann Arbor, $1,382.
John Frey, by ex. to Herman Hardinger, Ann Arbor, $6,000.
John Frey, by guardian of heirs, to H. Hardinghouse, Ann Arbor, $620.
Jonathan S. Gould to Abraham Maybee, Augusta, $2,000.