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50 years ago

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July 1943: Wesley Dawson elected President of Ypsilanti School Board.

New Unit of Willow Lodge Cafeteria opened.

Street Commissioner, E.M. Maddox resigns after 18 years service. New well nearly finished. Will furnish about 4 million gallons daily.

Well #1 pumps 1000 gallons daily.

Ypsilanti has a butter famine.

90 Trailer families moved into new government camp at Willow Park, just North and east of intersecion of Holmes and Spencer Roads.

One case of Infantile Paralysis, Sheila Striker, 7.

Emanuel Schafarik in Meat Business 40 years.

August 1943: T. Fred Older appointed both City Engineer and Street Commissioner.

182 pints of blood donated.

3rd Floor for Hospital being considered.

GRound broken for New Salvation Army Citadel.

September 1943: Rally starts 3rd War Bond drive Motion Pictures Inaugurated at Gilbert House.

City's Schools add 10 Teachers.

Carver Center Offices gets New Director, Jesse Rutherford.

Housing Center offices moved to Cleary College.

Petitions filed for Incorporating the Bomber Plant District as a City.

War Bonds sold $148,867.50. New By-Pass South of the City opened.

Methodist Community House dedicated.

War Bond Parade. sales near half way mark.

Curfew Law passed by City Council. Parking Meters belong to City-All Paid for.

October 1943: New By-Pass crossing U.S. 1123 to be better safe guraded.

Fire sweeps Warehouse at Army Air Base.

Edsel Ford Post American Legionm installed at Willow Run.

New Foster School opened at Willow Run.

19 men leave for Fort Custer.

Paving of Ford Road to start.

Ration Books issued at Schools. Bequest to George B. Hull Memorial Foundation announced.

Lutherans burn Church Mortgage.

Rent Control Office to open.

50 Years continued

November 1943: Women carrying Mail for Willow Village.

High School studnet gather 100 tons of Waste Paper.

Kiwanis Circus well attended.

Ypsilanti Lodge inaugurates Cafeteria Service.

Rev, John Larkin appointed to St. John's Parish.

Stratophere Flying tested here by Col. Charles A. Lindberg.

December 1943: Cold, Below zero, and windy (December 13th) Dog Quarantine effective in Ypsilanti.

Goodfellows net ober $1,000.00.

$10,000.00 fire burns 4 apartment in Willow Village.

New water rates for E. Ypsilanti approved by City Council.

WPB refuses priorities for material for 3rd floor for Beyer Hospital.

The above items are taken from a chronology that was kept by the First Historian, Mr. Louis White.